Ratangad Fort: Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting

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One of Maharashtra’s most well-known tourist destinations is this Ratangad fort. This is a treasure from Maharashtra’s Ratanwadi history. The fort is thought to be 2000 years old and is located in the Western Ghats.

 This fort has four gates: Trimbak, Konkan, Ganesh Hanuman, and Trimbak. It also features an open space in the rock that allows views of the sky. It’s known as the eye of the needle, or Nedhe. The river Pravara, also known as Amrutavahini, originates from the fort.

History of Ratangad fort

The 2000-year-old Ratangad fort is one of the must-see locations on a Maharashtra trip since it has a unique history. The renowned Maratha ruler, Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhosle, is credited with taking control of the fort.

Ratangad fort

How to reach to Ratangad Fort

The Igatpuri station, located around 27 miles from the Ratangad fort, is the closest railway station. Alternatively, you may hike to the fort after taking a 6 km boat journey and a 4 km walk to the settlement of Ratanwadi.

Ratangad fort

The best time to visit to Ratangad Fort

If you are on vacation and have already scheduled your Maharashtra tour, visiting the fort in the winter will allow you to appreciate the location more easily. While summer may be too hot, the hike to the fort might become challenging during the rainy season. November through February is, therefore, a fantastic time to travel.

Ratangad fort

Activities to do in and around

The Amruteswar temple, which dates back to Hemadpant times, is the most well-known location for touring in the surrounding area. There are more locations to explore, such as the highland hideaway of Bhandardara.

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