Devgad Fort: Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting It

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In the state of Maharashtra, the Devgad Fort is located in the Devgad taluka of the Sindhudurg district. This location, which is one of the well-known tourist sites in Maharashtra, is among the best for vacations and adventure.

One tourist destination that provides a breathtaking view is Devgad Fort. The fort offers a beautiful view of the sea because it is located just where the Arabian Sea and Devgad Creek meet. The location is well-known for its enchanted and mysterious sunsets, which are visible from the fort. The stunning harbour view makes for an ideal tourist location.

Devgad Fort

Surrounded by the natural environment, this fort bears the name Devgad, a site that is globally renowned for producing Alphonso mangoes. The area is full of breathtaking landscapes that allow one to witness nature at its most beautiful.

Attacks by other kings destroyed the fort, but Maratha Chief Kanoji Angre later rebuilt and revitalised it. Tourists are fascinated by the fort’s splendour and find it difficult to overlook the expansive vista of the surrounding area. The ramparts and the tastefully constructed walls are a result of the area’s picturesque splendour. Because of its advantageous location, it was first employed as a surveillance site.

Devgad Fort

Even the British attempted, and were successful in, attacking the fort. The fort is also known as “Janjire Devgad” since it is encircled by water on all sides. Janzira means “island” in Arabic. Tourists are drawn to the Ganesha Temple located inside the fort. The fort’s appeal is increased by the presence of three cannons and a lighthouse. It’s the ideal location to unwind from a demanding schedule and reconnect with the natural world. In addition, a lot of people adore the mango plantation that is located near the fort.

Devgad Fort


Dattajivraj Angre, a Marathi naval officer, constructed the fort in 1729 in order to maintain a vigil. This 120-acre fortification was eventually constructed after many years of effort and fluctuating labour costs. Constructed in 1915 for the beach and port, the lighthouse is at Devgad Fort. There is another fort, called Vijaydurg, which was built by Raja Bhola II and is a national monument, 45 minutes from Devgad. Today, the Maharashtra tourist agency is in charge of its upkeep.

Devgad Fort


The roads leading to Devgad Fort are fairly accessible, and local transportation is also offered. To go to the fort, one can also drive their own car.


The fort does not need an entry fee to be visited.


In addition to being a great place to view, this historical site offers the following additional attractions:

  • Ganesh Temple
  • Kunkeshwar Shiva temple  
  • Temple of Vimleshwar Shiva
  • Temple of Gajbadevi
  • lighthouse
  • Harbour
  • Sunset
  • Devgad Beach


While the lighthouse is available to the public from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM, the fort is open all day, every day of the week.


Sunsets are the ideal time to visit the fort since they provide visitors with a captivating vista. Also, visiting the fort is appropriate during mango season.

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