Daulatabad Fort: Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting

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One of Maharashtra’s most alluring tourist destinations is the Daulatabad Fort, often called the Devagiri Fort. It is reported that this fort was the site of constant victories in combat. The conical hill on which the fort is located has had its lower slopes shaved in order to provide additional defence.

The route to the top of the fort is quite difficult since it requires crossing a small bridge that can only accommodate two people at a time. You will come upon massive guns nearly every time you descend the slope in the direction of the top.

There is another cave in the midst of the path that was intentionally designed to confuse the enemy as they attempted to attack.

Another unique feature of the location is the belief that Lord Shiva resided on the nearby hills, which is how the town earned its name, Devagiri, which translates to “Hills of God.” Thus, there is a mythical significance to the location.

One of Daulatabad’s top tourist destinations is the fort, which was built with stunning architecture. The tourists are drawn to the fort even more because of its elaborate and sophisticated structure.

Exploring the surrounding places is another aspect of visiting the Devagiri fort; the most famous of them is the Kagzi Pura, an ancient paper mill. Khuldabad, which is mostly a home for Sufi saints, is located a short distance away.

History of Daulatabad Fort

Built in 1187 by ruler Bhilan, the first Yadav ruler, this triangle fort is located in Devagiri. Muhammad bin Tughlaq, the founder of the Tughlaq dynasty, moved his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad and gave it the moniker The City of Fortune because he was very pleased by the fort. Since then, it has enhanced our nation’s legacy.

Daulatabad Fort

How to reach  

This well-known Maharashtra fort is conveniently close to all kinds of transit. The Aurangabad airport is the closest airport to the fort, and you may take a taxi to go there from there. The Aurangabad train station provides plenty of buses and taxis for tourists, making it easier for them to go to the fort.


Every day of the week, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Devagiri Fort is open for business.

Activities to do in and around

The Chand Minar and the Chini Mahal are two of the most prominent monuments inside the Devagiri Fort. Other features of the fort are the Eleghant Tank, the Bharat Mata Temple, and Andheri.

Your vacation in Maharashtra would be much more exciting if you visit this strong fort.

Daulatabad Fort

Entry fee of Daulatabad Fort

For Indian citizens, the entrance fee to the fort is Rs. 10, while international tourists must pay Rs. 100.

The Best time to visit

When the weather is ideal for local sightseeing, October through February or June through September are the best times to schedule your Maharashtra vacation.

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