Arnala Fort: Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting

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arnala fort

An excellent example of an island fort is the Arnala Fort. In Maharashtra, India, the port town of Arnala is home to the fort; it is around 8 kilometres from Vasai. This fort, also called Jaldurg, is a popular tourist destination in Maharashtra and a wonderful spot to go sightseeing. The renowned tourist destination is also known locally as Janjire-Arnala. The Portuguese reconstructed and repaired this fort, giving it the name “llha das vacas.” Once on a Maharashtra trip, the fort is among the most significant stops. Some of the most incredible antiques and architectural remnants from former eras may be seen within the fort. 

Not only do people from all across the nation visit this fort, but overseas students studying old architecture are required to do it in order to gain an understanding of the modern legacy. One of the best places to spend a weekend vacation is the Arnala Fort.

History of Arnala Fort

A local Gujarati lord named Sultan Mahmud Begda constructed the fort in 1516. The fort’s location near the mouth of the Vaitarna River is strategically important. 

Arnala Fort

In the 1530s, the Portuguese took over command of the fort. A Portuguese nobleman received this fort from the Portuguese, who rebuilt it after demolishing the old one. The new building has a 700 by 700 foot design. But the nobleman was unable to truly complete his assignment. For over two centuries, the Portuguese maintained control of the fort. Their point of control allowed them to exercise oversight over their maritime and navigation operations along the northern coast of the Konkan.

Arnala Fort

The Portuguese were compelled to evacuate the fort in March of 1737 due to a Marathas onslaught. Following their conquest of the fort, the Marathas erected three bastions: Bava, Bhavani, and Bhairav. 

The fort was next taken by the British on January 18, 1781, during the First Anglo-Maratha War. After it, the fort had two ownership changes. Nonetheless, the fort needs several urgent maintenance and repair procedures right now.

How to reach

The closest train station to the fort is located at Virar, approximately 10 kilometres away. In addition, public transportation buses and autorickshaw rentals are available for getting to the fort. A commuter boat can assist you in getting to the fort after you arrive at Arnala Beach.

Activities to do in and around

A few must-see locations in the Fort include its many architectural wonders, such as its enormous octagonal freshwater reservoirs. The graves of Hajjali and Shahali, the temples of Ambakeshwar, Devi Bhavani, the model of Lord Shiva, and others The fort’s main entrance, which is adorned with images of tigers and elephants and is constructed of solid stone, likewise has a regal appearance. The external ramparts are visible to the tourists as well. The lone watch tower, which is situated around 550 metres from the old fort, is visible to all who visit the fort. The tower does not have an entry gate.


Once more, this location is open every day of the week. It is best for tourists and visitors to visit the location during the daytime hours when they can see everything in the area and feel comfortable.

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