Ajinkyatara Fort: Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting

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Ajinkyatara Fort

One of the most significant pillars in Maharashtra’s history is Ajinkyatara fort. Several of the most significant Maratha and modern historical events took place in this hill fort, which Shivaji Maharaj ruled over in the sixteenth century. “The impregnable fort” is how the word “Ajinkyatara” is literally translated. It is among Satara’s most magnificent examples of Maratha architecture.

 The fort offers a breathtaking perspective over the entire city of Satara and is a well-liked destination for tourists nowadays. Situated 33000 feet, or 1010 metres, above sea level is its base. 

Currently, tourists may view the Sighhagad TV tower in Satara next to the fort. It also houses Pune’s TV Tower. Another fantastic tourist destination is the fort. One of Maharashtra’s best areas for trekking is the area surrounding the Ajinkyatara Fort. Therefore, this location is appropriate for those who are just beginning to hike. Rainfall falls in smaller amounts at this location.

Ajinkyatara fort

History of Ajinkyatara fort

The Marathas, led by Shahu Maharaj, took control of the fort, which served as the city’s capital in the fourth century. 

From that point on until 1818, the Marathas ruled over the fort. Tarabai was a prisoner in this very fort. This fort was referred to as “Azamtara” during the Mughal era. The Mughals gave the fort its name; after Tarabai defeated and took control of it, the fort was renamed “Ajinkyatara.”

How to reach Ajinkyatara fort 

Satara City is where the fort is situated. Pune is around 115 km away. Therefore, it is possible to go to this location via road and train. One excellent state bus service system is available for use. There are several trains running from Pune Junction to Satara at the same time.

Activities to do in and around

Once you get to the Ajinkyatara fort, there are plenty of attractions to see, including the well-known Hanuman temple, which can accommodate at least 12–13 people. Additionally, the locals see the Mahadev temple as being extremely strong. It’s worth watching the fort’s bastions. Additionally visible is the well-known Tara Rani’s Palace, one of the fort’s most notable historical locations. The well-known Mangaldevi Mandir and the stunning fort lakes are very delightful sights.

Ajinkyatara fort

Entry Fee

The fort doesn’t charge an entry fee.


All year long, every day of the year, the Fort is open. To guarantee their safety and security, travellers are recommended to visit the fort early in the morning, when the view is at its best. It is a well-liked location for treks and overnight vacations.

The idea time to visit

Winter is the ideal season to see the fort. It is best to avoid the fort during the rainy season. During the winter, even trekkers are required to visit the location. The temperatures may reach quite high levels in both the summer and the winter.

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