Torna Fort: Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting

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Torna Fort

The main draw for visitors to Maharashtra is the Torna fort, also known as the Prachandagad, which is located southwest of the Pune district in the state’s western region. The distance between Pune and the rural base of Velhe is 50 kilometres. 

The foundation of the Maratha Empire was established when Shivaji Maharaj, at just 16 years old, seized its first fort in 1643. The elevation of this fort is 1403 metres above sea level. The Marathi words gad, which means fort, and prachanda, which means large, are combined to form the fort’s name. 

 This is Fort Hill Perched on a hilltop in the Pune Satara Highway area of Nasarapur, Torna is renowned as the tallest fort. To get to the Torna Fort, travellers must follow the Nasarapur route. To fully visit the fort, allow two hours. The fort is surrounded by a number of locations, including the Toranjai Goddess Temple, Sadar, Budhla Machi, Zunjar Machi, Kothi Darwaja, Kokan Darwaja, Menghai Goddess Temple, and Bini Darwaja. It is currently a historic site for this fort.

Hiking in this area should be avoided during the wet season. Winter is the best time of year to walk here.

Trekkers are frequent users of this campsite, and they typically bring their own camping gear. A nice spot to stay inside the fort is the Mengai temple.

History of Torna Fort

Given that Shivaji, the Maratha king, defeated this fort at the age of sixteen, it holds great historical significance. The renowned Naratha warrior Shambhaji, son of Shivaji, was assassinated, and the Mughals took control of this Torna fort in the eighteenth century.

 The fort was called Futulgaib by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. The Maratha Confederacy was granted this fort under the “Treaty of Purandar.” 

With several towers and monuments constructed within, this fort at Torna is a masterpiece of architecture. It is a well-liked destination for Maharashtra tours.

How to reach 

About 50 kilometres separate the Torna Fort from Pune and 220 kilometres from Maharashtra. Travellers can go to Pune or Mumbai by train or air, as they are well connected to other important Indian cities. There are two paths that hikers can use to go to the Torna fort. One is the one-day Torna trip from Velhe, which returns the same day. The alternate hiking path starts at the Rajgad fort and takes two days, including an overnight camping stop.


Throughout the year, the fort is open.

Torna Fort

Entry Fee

The fort’s entrance is free.

Activities to do in and around

The Toranjai Temple, Mangai Temple, Balekilla of Torna Fort, Devi Kadjai Mandir, Maruti Mandir, Somgai Mandir, Rajgarh Fort, Rajgad Fort, Kalubai Temple, Ram Mandir, Bhairavnath Mandir, Madhe Ghat, and Ajmai Lake are a few of the top locations for sightseeing close to the Torna Fort. These are a few of the top locations to explore in and around the breathtaking Torna Fort.

The best time to visit Torna Fort

Trekking is most enjoyable during the winter months of September through March. Trekking during the winter is enjoyable for visitors to this area.

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