Rajmachi Fort: Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting It

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A trip to Maharashtra would not be complete without stopping at the state’s well-known tourist destination, Rajmachi Fort. A little town named Rajmachi, commonly known as Udhewadi, is located in the Sahyadri Mountain.

Rajmachi is primarily home to two forts: the Manaranjan Fort and the Shrivardhan Fort. Trekkers will find the Rajmachi Fort to be a magnificent location, which adds to the fascination of the travel experience. Basically, there are two paths that lead to the Rajmachi Fort.

The easiest path is to travel from Lonavala, which is merely a simple walk; the harder one is from Kondivade village, where you must climb around 2000 feet. 

Rajmachi’s full beauty is shown during the monsoon season, when the area takes on a whole new appearance. The verdant meadows, pearl-like waterfalls, and shimmering streams provide an eye-pleasing scene of verdant surroundings. Trekkers are able to pitch their tents close to the Kalbhairavnath Temple.

If you plan to camp for the night, make sure you have enough food. In addition, you may get chicken and chutney from the next village. Your journey will be spiced up by the camping experience, and you’ll make memories that last a lifetime. The fort contains a number of monuments and caves that may be visited.

The stunning Udaysagar Lake is one of the village’s major attractions and a photographer’s dream come true. The lake’s surroundings are really lovely. The Kondane caves, which are well-known Buddhist caves, are located not far from the lake. Maharashtra’s Lonavala and Khandala hill stations are also close by and highly recommended for visitors. Reywood Park is a fantastic location in Lonavala where visitors may have a quick picnic with loved ones. In the park, there’s also an ancient Shiva temple. 

Take in the unspoiled beauty of the surroundings, and for those who enjoy hiking, Rajmachi is the destination ready to provide an unusual camping and trekking experience.

Rajmachi Fort


The Rajmachi fort complex was built by the Satavahanas and has a fascinating past. The Adilshahi monarch of Bijapur lost this fort and the adjacent forts to Shivaji Maharaj in 1657. In 1704, the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb took the fort back from the Marathas. 

The Marathas took back control the very following year, and subsequently in 1713, Shahu Maharaj handed Kanhoji Angre the Rajmachi fort. Following the defeat of the Marathas in 1818, the Rajmachi fort and the Maratha lands came under British rule.


Every day of the week is an open day for the Rajmachi Fort.

Entry Fee

Entry to the fort is free.

Rajmachi Fort

How to reach Rajmachi Fort

When arriving by train, guests must first get to the Lonavala railway station. From there, they can take a private taxi to the fort.

Another option is to fly to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, where you may rent a cab to take you straight to the fort.

By road, the Rajmachi Fort is also conveniently accessible from Pune and Mumbai.

Activities to do in and around

The Sahyadri mountain ranges and the Shirota Dam are spectacularly visible from the Rajmachi fort. After touring the fort, if you have some spare time, visit the wax museum in Lonavala, where you may see wax replicas of some well-known personalities.

Rajmachi Fort

The best time to visit fort

The months of September through March are ideal for vacation plans to the Rajmachi Fort because of the pleasant weather suitable for touring.

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