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The most profitable Indian film of the year isn’t the high-budget productions like Jawan, Pathaan, Animal, or other major South Indian films. film is none other than the most controversial ‘THE KERALA STORY’.


 Like Kashmir files in the year 2022 it was made in budget around 20 crores and collected nearly 330Cr worldwide. It was huge when compared to returns with any other films released during this year. This film also faced several bans and restrictions in the states like West Bengal, Tamil nadu and Kerala. Otherwise, the collections would have been higher.

It has shocked the entire trade with its collections as none of the actors in these films are stars.  Most of the critics restricted their rating to one star. Many opined that controversy helped this film in bringing these huge numbers.

Does only controversy help this film collections:

The answer may vary from person to person. But in the past many films released amid huge controversies and outrages but none of the films have collected this much of a huge collection except for Kashmir Films. Controversy helps people to visit theaters for the first few days but the content, drama and several other factors should be interesting and convincing to make the audience sit in the theater for the entire running minutes of the movie. Whether it is a real or fictional story, the content in the film kept everyone engaged. The Kerala story had succeeded in this aspect. Audience has connected to the core emotion in this plot.

Contrary to claims by some analysts and certain groups, the film’s success did not fuel hatred or incite riots. The narrative revolves around the character Shalini Unnikrishnan, portrayed by the lead actress, and while the film may not have saved 32,000 people, it does shed light on the pain and agony of a missing person. Such stories have to be known to other people, if one girl has been saved from such a situation then it would be good.

We don’t understand the makers actual intention behind making the film but at the end of the day this film has brought a huge smile on the faces of everyone who has been involved in the business of this film.

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