The New Indian Superhero: HANU-MAN

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2023 has been an amazing year for Indian films especially for the Telugu film industry. Year started with a bang with biggies Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Waltair Verayya and Balayya babu’s Veera Simha Reddy and then we had a super feel good movie Balagam, Nani’s completely different attempt Dasara, a fine thrilling experience Virupaksha, a complete laughter ride Samajavaragamana, Mega’s multistarrer Bro, a fresh sensible attempt Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty, out and out youth entertainer MAD, new attempts from Balayya and Ravi Teja with Bhagavanth Kesari and Tiger Nageswar Rao, Tharun Bhaskers black comedy Keedaa Cola are few mentions. Pathaan, Jawan, OMG 2, Gadar 2, Jailer, Leo, Mark Anthony, Kannur Squad are few successful movies released in other languages, few even at PAN India level of course. As we are approaching the end of the year, we have few exciting PAN India releases lined up. Dunki, Salaar, Animal are the ones I suppose stand top. What is your most awaited movie?

Most Awaited Super hero Movie:

The most awaited movie for me is “Hanu-Man ”. It is of course being released in January 2024, but that is the one I am most excited about. Why Hanu-Man? Only one reason and that is Prasanth Varma. His thought process, vision and storytelling is what makes me wait for the film. When we talk about great directors, we talk about Rajamouli. If we look at Bahubali, it’s a very common, age old revenge drama story which we all know. But what makes it a Magnum Opus is the amazing film viewing experience, the grandeur and richness it offers, the performances of characters and how audience emotionally connect to them, the war scenes, the story telling, it’s not easy to make audience stay excited for the 2nd part of a film for 2 years. These are what makes Bahubali what it is and all these come from Rajamouli’s vision. I see such a vision and thought process in Prasanth Varma.

About Prasanth Varma:

Prasanth is a director from Telugu film industry and his first film is “Awe”. I am not going to talk about it because that out of the box film is something that needs to be experienced and cannot be described. His 2nd film is an action thriller file “Kalki” which fared average at the box office but the fight choreography and action sequences stand out in the film. His 3rd film is “Zombie Reddy”. The “Reddy ” tag in Telugu films is famous for its faction background films. Between 1995 to 2005, there are a number of films released with a faction background story line and top star heroes like Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, Venkatesh, Mahesh babu, Jr.NTR scored box office hits with these films. These are pakka commercial films with high intensity action episodes, blood shed, thigh slapping powerful punch dialogues, hero-villain challenges, tata Sumos flying high in the air and trust me, even today few films give goosebumps to the audience when we watch those films.  Such is the popularity of faction films. The “Zombie ” is a thing of the West. Different film industries in India have different takes on supernatural thrillers and Horror movies, but Zombie was never a popular one. It is completely new to most of the single screen audience.

Now imagine, bringing these 2 genres together and making a comedy genre film. There are no scenes in the script that are written to generate comedy. The characters in the film are designed just like any other faction character from the films in the past. The characters do not appear or behave silly or different to generate comedy. The audience sees the characters just like how they know the factionists from the commercial films. Yet the director takes you for a laughter ride by taking advantage of the fact that the characters do not know what a zombie is and how they behave when they turn into a zombie. The makeup done for the zombies deserves a special mention. They truly appear as zombies from what we know in the Hollywood movies. The storytelling is very simple, no confusion. It goes very smoothly, and the audience totally feel at home watching the film and thoroughly enjoy the film throughout. The first song in the movie “#GoCorona” is based on Covid lockdown and how Indians behave during the lockdown. It’s a hilarious song. The director gives a very convincing devotional touch at the end of the film and closes the movie. Bringing together a completely new genre and a very famous genre, making an out and out entertainer out of it and keeping the audience engaged for 2.5 hours and making the film in just 4 crores budget is a result of Prasanth Varma’s thought process, vision, and storytelling.


His next film is Hanu-Man, a PAN India venture releasing in multiple Indian languages along with English Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. We all watch Marvel and DC movies, other superhero movies, we all have our own favorite superhero and Marvel consists of a superhero who is a God himself. We all also know that these are fictional characters and are a creation from a writer who used to write comic books. Now for decades we have been hearing the story of Ramayana, Lord Ram and Hanuman’s role in Ramayana. Different legend’s give different perspectives about Hanuman’s life. The moment we hear the word Hanuman, the first thing that strikes us is God. He is one of the Hindu gods, ardent follower of Lord Rama, very powerful, protector etc.

Now this guy, Prasanth, is projecting Hanuman as a “Superhero”. Has anyone ever thought that Hanuman is a superhero?  Prasanth says, according to him Hanuman is “The most powerful Superhero in the Universe”. Hanuman is not a fictional character and is someone who lived in this country and as per some legends, he lives on earth even today and is believed in some parts of Asia. Think about how projecting Hanuman as a superhero impacts our history, our epics, our culture, It totally gives a new perspective of how the world interprets our epics. This totally came from the thought process of Prasanth Varma.

The teaser of the film has already been released and the visuals look promising. The VFX is super good and the quality looks top notch. The latest song “SuperHero HanuMan“ is super fresh with young children singing and covering all the Hollywood superheroes. I am waiting to see how the visuals are gonna be for this song. The biggest thing about this film is that this is just the beginning of a superhero universe – “Prasanth Varma cinematic universe”.

I am super excited for Hanu-Man. Which movie are you super excited for and why? Let us know in the comments.


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