Khichdi 2: An Entertaining Blend of Laughter and Social Commentary

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Cast: Supriya Pathak, Pratik Gandhi, Anang Desai, J D Majethia, Kirti Kulhari, Kiku Sharda, Farah Khan

Director: Aatish Kapadia.

Khichdi 2


The hilarious one-liners, Praful and his wife Hansa’s (Supriya Pathak) bizarre interpretations of English, and Himanshu’s (JD Majethia) foolishness are all on display for the audience to enjoy. These elements are what have made television and movie series popular. Those who are familiar with the characters and have some understanding of their craziness may find greater enjoyment in the campy humour.

The director, Aatish Kapadia, was relying on his group’s unique selling point—pure silliness. This time, they are travelling to a made-up nation known as Thukistan, which is ruled by a despot who bears a striking resemblance to Praful (Rajeev Mehta). The names of this terrible king’s two companions are Gulkunda (Flora Saini) and Ek Sau Bees Navratan. No, I’m not joking. Since this area lacks running water, there are several improvised latrines available for hiring. What? Never ask. Women dress in crimson masks with eye holes cut out.

Its characters and their silliness make it a hilarious standalone movie. The other, somewhat more responsible family members, Babuji (Anang Desai) and Jayshree (Vandana Pathak), provide constant giggles in addition to Praful, Hansa, and Himanshu. 

The story, circumstances, and characters, however, completely blow apart once the gang arrives in Paanthukistan. To start, the names of the locals—Gulkandadevi, Zarda, Tambaku, and so forth—are incredibly corny.

 A lot of scenes, characters, and their traits appear superfluous or overdone in an attempt to make the humour funnier. After the break, everything becomes less stable, and the humour also appears to wane.

 The tale is absurd from the start, yet it can be enjoyed as a classic slapstick comedy in the first half until the odd twist in the second half.

Khichdi 2

Star Performance

The best thing about the khichdi 2 is the actors. After 2010, the group made a big screen comeback, and the actor’s comedic timing and banter never faltered. As usual, Supriya Pathak, Anang Desai, Vandana Pathak, and JD Majethia are all excellent. 

Rajeev Mehta does a good job portraying Praful’s doppelganger emperor. With her little screen time, Kirti Kulhari’s song is one of those that merely lengthens the narrative without moving it along. Although Kiku Sharda appears as a robot that will destroy the planet, the song is overly drawn out and only makes you chuckle a little bit. 

The songs in Khichdi 2 by Chirantan Bhatt disrupt the flow of the story and are not the film’s high point.

 The story and screenplay do not lend itself to the director’s attempts to make khichdi 2 larger than it has to be. Having said that, you will chuckle a lot at the performances and the absurd adventures. This one might be especially enjoyable for franchise fans.

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