Tiger 3 Movie Review: A Thrilling Action Saga That Delivers?

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The story of YRF’s spy world is continued in Tiger 3, which operates on the same tired concept of a highly driven terrorist having a completely misguided sense of patriotism.

The visual effects surrounding Salman Khan’s close-ups are continuously subpar in a visually appealing movie. While action is excellent, it lacks vision. There aren’t any other action scenes that would be debated like the ones in Jawan, apart from Salman’s opening sequence in which he races his bike on a mountain.

The editing of Rameshwar S. Bhagat gradually begins to squeeze you, and the delight of watching the action moments is taken away by abrupt jump cuts. In order to further enhance those fast-paced battle scenes, Anay Goswamy seizes a few opportunities to play around with the camera.

Plot twists and constant thrills are abundant throughout the story, many of which are predictable but nevertheless enjoyable.

Star performance 

Salman Khan seems young and in top form. However, because of the poor dialogue composition, he only has a few chances to deliver the heroic dialogues. He makes every effort to counteract the harm with his exceptional on-screen persona, but things go out of hand far too quickly. He goes all out, pulling off daredevil feats that not only defy logic but also death and gravity. It is, nonetheless, an enormous visual spectacle.

Katrina Kaif is given a well-developed character arc, complete with a plausible motivation, background, and setting. Katrina plays an action-packed part with ease and delivers with  super agile moves. She does a great job in her towel fight scene with Asian American actress Michelle Lee. However, the Turkish Hamam’s selection for the scene’s setup is mostly unexplained, and this is a problem that affects many other scenes as well. 

Emraan Hashmi lacks the stature of a formidable opponent. Neither his laughter nor his look are menacing. Though not very strong instincts, he does have some.

The idea that Emraan would play “Joker” opposite Salman Khan’s “Batman” seemed too good to be true.

Despite his strong performance in some scenes, Emraan is misrepresented in the writing. As you may have noticed, he has many characteristics with Jim from Pathaan, played by John Abraham. Agent fired from his job, turned rogue, lost family, and sought retribution against the movie star

Shahrukh Khan’s well-timed appearance as Pathaan is expertly integrated into the narrative.

The way he entered and was executed left the impression that everyone was waiting for Pathaan to kick the enemy’s butt.

Maneesh Sharma gets off to a great start, but the covert drama he ends up with lacks the essential uplifting passages and has a really generic vibe. Sharma incorporates a few interesting elements within a massive action masala.

This time, Pritam’s music isn’t able to make a lasting impression.

Only two tracks are included: Ruaan: A well-chosen song enhances the scene and builds the emotions just so. Final credits: the enjoyable tune Leke Prabhu Ka Naam

The dialogues aren’t powerful enough to get whistles and continuous applause.

In some situations, Tiger 3 lacks the necessary finesse despite its strong dependence on visual effects.

Final verdict

Tiger 3 manages to strike a careful balance between displaying patriotism and overdoing it, despite its predictable plot and reliance on established spy thriller genres.

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