Hindi Cinema Best Love Stories of 2023

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Hindi cinema is known for producing Romantic love stories, but of late Bollywood has not produced proper romantic love stories in the last few years.

Although a couple of romantic movies still made their way to the screens annually, they often failed to capture audiences’ hearts.

However, 2023 marks a resurgence of classic Bollywood-style romantic entertainers. Unfortunately, these films didn’t achieve significant box office success and remained unnoticed by an intended audience.

We present to you the Four romantic love stories released in 2023. If you haven’t seen them yet, now is the perfect time to catch them on your preferred OTT platform.

1.     Satya Prem ki katha:

Kiara Advani and Kartik Aaryan’s Starrer “Satya Prema ki Katha” is a rare gem that delves into the themes of ‘Date Rape’ and ‘Asexuality,’ subjects not widely explored in mainstream cinema.

What sets this film apart is its ability to address these important issues within the framework of a love story without resorting to a dull and gloomy tone.

Most of the film runs on a lighter tone. In a world where dating is often associated with romantic relationships, the film bravely sheds light on the emotional trauma faced by a girl who experiences date rape, a crime that frequently goes unreported.

The movie deserves appreciation for bringing such a significant issue to the forefront. Date rape victims often blame themselves, which can lead to the deterioration of their mental and sexual health.

Kiara Advani’s portrayal of Katha is both well-written and beautifully executed, arguably standing as one of the highlights of her filmography.

While the first half of the film sticks to the somewhat clichéd formula of a romance between a wealthy girl and a poor boy, the plot takes a compelling turn just before the interval, leading to a beautifully narrated story in the second half. The scenes in which Katha reveals the truth to Sattu’s family and the subsequent developments are truly outstanding. The director masterfully develops the love story between Sattu and Katha, making it feel natural.

 Despite its drawbacks, such as lacklustre songs and a routine first half, “Satya Prema ki Katha” has numerous commendable aspects. If you ignore the weak songs, you will be pleasantly surprised by the thought-provoking concepts it tackles, all within the backdrop of a family drama. Approach the film with an open mind, and you are bound to enjoy it. You can watch it on Prime Video.

2.     BAWAAL:

Varun Dawan and Jahanvi Kapoor Bawaal may not be everyone’s cup of tea but those who have connected with story storyline will enjoy. The film is another small-town love story, centred around Ajay Dixit, a schoolteacher leading an unhappy life, and Nisha, who grapples with epilepsy.

What sets “Bawaal” apart is its unique approach of using World War II as a backdrop to resolve conflicts within the newly married couple’s relationship. It delves into the sensitive topic of a dysfunctional relationship and illustrates how the main characters resolve their marital issues by imagining themselves as victims of World War II.

While the reason for Varun’s European trip and teaching from there might come across as slightly unconvincing, as mentioned earlier, this film may not appeal to everyone. However, those with some knowledge of World War II and a taste for fresh storytelling can definitely like it.

 This film has skipped the theatrical release directly released on Prime Video

 3.     Tu Jhooti Mein Makkar:

 This is another beautiful film that follows all the conventional Bollywood family drama narrative style still it is very engaging and entertaining. The title of the story might give you the wrong impression about the movie, but in reality, it’s a heartwarming film suitable for enjoyment with your entire family.

This film takes back to the classic romantic dramas that were missed by many Bollywood fans. As far as I remember, it enjoyed an impressive 75-day run in major cities across North India after a considerable period.

In its initial hour, the film bears a striking resemblance to a typical Luv Ranjan production, but it takes a significant and unexpected turn thereafter. It evokes nostalgia for the old Dharma Productions and Rajshree Productions, infused with Luv Ranjan’s touch.

After a prolonged hiatus, this film presents a song that resonates well with Hindi cinema music lovers. It successfully checks all the boxes of Bollywood’s classic romance formula, including a rich boy meeting a girl abroad, diverse family backgrounds, enchanting music, and, notably, a hilariously entertaining airport climax. It is an entertainment package that seamlessly combines humour and heartfelt moments. You can watch it on Netflix.

4.     Zara Hatke Zara Bachake:

 This movie is the best example of how a good song can change the fate of the movie. No one had expectations when it was released in theatres, but the positive word of mouth has made this film a good hit at the box office.

The plot involves a young couple in a small town who decide to get divorced in order to be eligible for a government housing scheme.

While the storyline may not be entirely unique, the chemistry between Vicky Kaushal and Sara Ali Khan, along with natural humour and hit songs, made it a success at the box office.

This film is not available on any streaming platform yet. Keep this joyful ride on your wishlist, and watch it when it releases on the streaming platform

5. Rocky Aur Rani ki Prem kahani:

Tu Jhooti Mein Makkar reminds you of old drama production movies and this one is a proper dharma production film that even Karan Johar forgets to direct and produce for a long time.

This has all the ingredients of a dharma film like an unrealistic family setup, huge sets, designer clothing etc it takes little time to take you into the world of Rani and Rocky, once you are into the film you will forget everything. Films need not be realistic all the time, sometimes we need flashy and colourful films whose characters or houses definitely do not come across in our real world.

The music of the film and lengthy run time are negatives. This is definitely not a great film but you will surely engage in shiny family drama without questioning any logic. Watch it on Prime Video.

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