Celebrating Birthday in the Rachakonda Fort

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Rachakonda Fort


On the eve of my friend’s birthday, we were wondering thinking about our lives. Since the day we joined the CA course, there has been no single day where we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly without any guilt. Taking morning classes, going to the office, and doing late-night classes again and amidst all peer pressure, societal pressure, family pressure… We went through so much. Then, we decided to take a day off, decided to go somewhere far where we could be as far as possible from the hustle and bustle of our busy and stressful life. So, we decided to go to Rachakonda Fort which is almost 73km from our place. 

We woke at 6:00 AM, prepared ourselves, packed our bags, and started our adventure. we started at 7:00 AM.  It’s completely an unknown area, only two girls going on a two-wheeler. Both of us are excited as well as nervous. It was an amazing long drive, going through the small and beautiful villages of Telangana. We enjoyed the journey thoroughly.

After a while, we couldn’t find a petrol bunk to fill the tank and we got panicked, we asked someone for help and they helped us. Later after some time, we ran out of water and we were deadly thirsty as it was a hot sunny day. Again we stopped near one house and asked them for help and I appreciated how helpful people were.

Many interesting things happened on our way. We lost the route, went to a very lonely area, and couldn’t find a single person on the road. No phone signal and no internet signal. We figured it out somehow and after a while, we met some farmers over there and asked them to guide us and so they did. 

At last, we finally reached our anticipated destination at around 11:00 AM. We were warned by the nearby shopkeeper to stay safe as sometimes some wild animals and snakes roam around that area. 

History of Rachakonda Fort:

 Let me brief you on the history of this fort. Its history traces back to the 14th century, during the reign of Prataparudra II, the last Kakatiya ruler. The fort was strategically located on a hilltop, providing an advantageous viewpoint for monitoring the surrounding plains. Its position not only facilitated surveillance but also served as a stronghold for the Kakatiyas against external invasions.

With the decline of the Kakatiya dynasty, the Bahmani Sultanate, a powerful Muslim empire in the Deccan, took control of the fort. As the Bahmani Sultanate disintegrated, the Qutb Shahi dynasty, followed by the Asaf Jahi Nizams, took over the region. It is a significant military outpost and an administrative centre for both the Bahmani Sultanate and the Qutb Shahi period.

Our Experience:

When we reached, we saw big, old walls made of stones. They were very strong, unique and interesting. These walls protected the people inside long ago. The facts about the rocks of this fort are really interesting and surprising as these rocks age more than 2.5 million years. That means these are some of the oldest rocks on the planet!!! 


Inside the Rachakonda fort, there were secret rooms and tunnels. It was like a puzzle! People used these hidden places to be safe. We were in just awe of the construction and plan. Construction is unique as it involves huge rocks piled up and they are balanced well without the use of mortar yet a very strong structure.

When we reached the middle of the hill you could see a pond afar in a small valley. It’s such a scenic beauty. It was luminescent, serene and lonesome. While enjoying the chirping of birds and feeling the fresh breeze. We felt everything was just so perfect and sublime.

View from top

Once when we reached the top of the hill, we saw a big view of the land. It was like a painting with green fields and small houses. We felt very high up! It was so peaceful and made was feel so calm. We celebrated her birthday over there and made new friends over there. We sat on a rock and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. It was such a nice experience to celebrate my friend’s birthday in such a place that has a majestic history and felt so close to nature at the same time.

It almost took us an hour to reach the top of the hill. The descent will also be by the same route. But, while climbing down we should be careful. 

Suggestion to the reader:

The best months to do the Rachakonda trek are from June to February. Monsoon or the winters are the best seasons to do the Rachakonda Trek. Post-monsoon, you will witness the lush greenery of the Rachakonda Forest Reserve. 

If you are looking for a fun day out, visiting Rachakonda Fort is a must-visit and you will not be disappointed as it will leave you with memories that you will cherish for a very long time.

One of the best parts while visiting is the route to the Rachakonda fort is far off from Hyderabad we came across green plains, small hills and isolated roads and it’s a treat to watch.

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