Arambol Beach: one of the best beaches in Goa

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Being a vizagitte, I see beaches every day in my life. Any beaches other than Vizag beach don’t excite me much and Goa beaches are no exception. The only difference in Goa is Night life, vibrant culture, and lifestyle. I am never a fan of crowded beaches so everything in Goa looks very normal to me till I visit a place called ARAMBOL Beach- an offbeat location in Goa that is not known to many.

The unique feature of this beach is the freshwater lake. Freshwater Lake is surrounded by hills and a small strip of land separates the beach from the lake, offering you a distinct feel and spectacular view. The water is deliciously green and quite inviting. Take a dip, and splash around for as long as you like! Rather than taking a bath on the beach, consider taking a bath in the lake gives you a refreshing experience. To reach this beautiful lake, you need to take a small trek for one kilometre which is not at all difficult.

Arambol is a silent beach and also offers live music concerts, parties, candlelight dinners, etc. The whole atmosphere is so vibrant and energetic. Visit any pub where the booming music will run in your veins and make you groove on each beat. This is the perfect place for Party freaks to enjoy the nightlife in Arambol Beach in Goa, you are just going to love the wildness of this place

The food is amazing here. You can visit restaurants or shacks to relish the flavour of some delicious Goan dishes with amazing drinks. You are allowed to bring your drinks from outside and enjoy them at any of the shacks only after it is permitted by the owner of the shack. The only condition is that you must purchase the food from their menu

You can place a chair on the beach and sit for hours looking at the beach. Roam around the beach to spend some quality time in the evening.

This beach has everything that busy beaches like Baga and Anjuna offer you in addition it offers you peace. You can shop till you stop, you can eat till your stomach is full, you can dance till you get tired. Also, you can find peace in yoga and meditation centres.

Accommodation options:

You have plenty of options for accommodation and are relatively cheaper than the rest of the main Goa hotels. You can stay in hostels also.

How to reach there:

It is located approximately 36 km from Panaji where you can get frequent buses every thirty minutes. There are many private minibus services also available. If you can afford it, the best thing is to hire a cab and get there.

Best time to visit:

For the best experience visit Arambol either in the early mornings or after 4 pm or any other cloudy day. Avoid visiting during the daytime

When you visit Goa next time, keep this beach as your top priority and try to stay here for one full day. Don’t miss the sunset here. This place is heaven, a feast to our eyes.

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