Dubai Mall: The Complete Travel Guide You Need To Know

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With its 13 million square foot footprint, which is roughly equivalent to 50 international football pitches, The Dubai Mall provides an unmatched experience for dining, shopping, and entertainment. The enormous complex offers activities and sights for all members of the family to enjoy, making it a perfect travel destination. 

 A trip to the Dubai Mall promises to be more than just a typical shopping adventure; it’s an engaging experience. The Dubai Mall has over a thousand stores that appeal to every taste and inclination, from premium labels to unique boutiques. Whether it’s artisanal crafts, technology, or haute couture, the mall has a wide assortment that appeals to even the pickiest customers.

The Dubai Mall entices explorers with a captivating selection of entertainment beyond its retail appeal. Experiences abound, ranging from heart-pounding rides at the theme park to captivating light displays at the recognisable Dubai Fountain. The fascinating Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is a must-see attraction where guests can marvel at an amazing array of aquatic life, including regal sharks and vivid coral reefs. The immersive tunnel tour provides an absolutely unique opportunity to experience the beauties of the deep sea.

Business Hours

The Dubai Mall is generally open seven days a week from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Breakfast is served at several cafés and restaurants starting at 9:00 AM.

Things to know

  • The Dubai Mall is situated in Downtown Dubai, the centre of Dubai’s most affluent, cutting-edge, and elite neighbourhood. The world’s highest building, the Burj Khalifa, is situated over the Dubai Mall.
  • Overlooking a collection of man-made lakes, the Dubai Mall is the perfect place to see the breathtaking Dubai Fountain display, which features water, light, and sound choreography.
  • The Dubai Mall is enormous—it covers an area larger than fifty football fields. It is therefore among the biggest malls in the world.
  • The Dubai Mall has more than 200 eateries and cafés in addition to more than 1300 stores. A 26-screen movie theatre, a 250-room opulent hotel, and other theme parks are available to amuse guests of all ages. Even an Olympic-sized ice rink exists.
  • One of the biggest aquariums in the world, it holds over 30,000 marine species and has a tank capacity of over 10 million litres.
  • If you enjoy sweets, you will adore the Dubai Mall, home to the world’s largest candy and confectionery store, Candylicious.
  • More people visit the Dubai Mall each year than go to New York or Los Angeles combined!


Together with its two flagship department stores, it has more than 1,300 shops. Fashion Avenue, the mall’s most extravagant area, debuted in 2018. Featuring 80 of the most sought-after boutique fashion labels, white marble floors and walls, and opulent chandeliers, this stunning addition exudes luxury. With Fashion Avenue offering a posh experience that includes personal shoppers, The Dubai Mall is positioned as one of the best places in the Middle East for upscale retail shopping.

Visit Galeries Lafayette, a renowned French lifestyle shop, or Bloomingdale’s, America’s best department store, for an extensive array of fashion accessories and home goods in one location. Both may be found on The Dubai Mall’s second floor. 

The ground floor’s Level Shoes is the best store to check out if you’re looking for shoes. With a total floor area of 96,000 square feet, Level Shoes offers an extensive assortment of high-end footwear from leading brands. When you discover the ideal shoe, you will undoubtedly have a “Cinderella” moment.

The Souk, a ground floor part of The Dubai Mall, is another area you shouldn’t miss. You may discover a variety of distinctive handicrafts, jewellery stores, outlet stores for accessories, and traditional Arab apparel labels in this tastefully constructed district with around 200 modest retailers. It is a great location to purchase mementos.

For a more budget-friendly shopping excursion, there are many of alternatives available at the Dubai Mall. Numerous well-known high-street brands from Europe and North America, such as Zara, Ralph Lauren, and Mango, are housed on the ground floor and level one. The Village offers a wide range of stores that appeal to active lifestyles, making it an excellent destination for leisurely shopping. Go up one more story to level two if you’re searching for the newest and trendiest technological accessories.

Dubai Mall


You’ll definitely build up an appetite with all that shopping, and The Dubai Mall has excellent culinary options. With 200 distinct food and beverage establishments, the mall truly has something to satisfy every taste and want. There are several food courts offering almost every major fast-food brand, such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, Hardee’s, Jollibee, Fatburger, New York Fries, Burger King, and more, for casual and reasonably priced dining. The Dubai Mall also has a large selection of sit-down eateries that provide a variety of foreign dishes, such as Middle Eastern, Italian, American, British, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Indian. These eateries are dispersed around the mall.

Activities and Attractions in the Dubai Mall

While most visitors to the Dubai Mall come for the abundance of activities, like ice skating, aquariums, and kid-friendly theme parks, they also go there to buy.

Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium

One of the biggest aquariums in the world, the Dubai Aquarium is housed inside the Dubai Mall. More than 30,000 aquatic species are kept in its more than 10 million litre tank, which is traversed by a crystal tunnel that lets guests stroll within.

The route continues to the Underwater Zoo, where guests may interact with a variety of aquatic creatures, such as reptiles, crocodiles, and penguins!

Dubai Mall

Towering Burj Khalifa In the Peak

Scale the highest tower in the world to take in the amazing cityscape!

You can reach the lifts that go straight to the top of the Burj Khalifa from the Dubai Mall. You may visit the 124th, 125th, and 148th levels as well as the observation deck’s outside patio, which offers an amazing view of the city.

The finest view is at sunset, when the skyscrapers of Dubai will sparkle with the golden hour light, making it an absolutely amazing sight!

Make sure you get your tickets online because there are always quite large lines for them.

The Fountain in Dubai

Don’t miss the amazing choreography of the nearly 300-meter-long Dubai Fountain, a massive display of lights, music, and dancing fountains.

With the help of 50 coloured projectors and 6600 lights, the 150-meter-tall water jet is lit up. The music, which varies from classical to modern, is synced with the dances.

Performances by the Dubai Fountain happen at 1:00 and 1:30 PM, and then every 30 minutes from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (and from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).

Ice Rink

This year-round ice skating rink located within the Dubai Mall is a great place to take a break from the scorching desert sun.

This is an adventure that even beginners may try, and if you don’t have ice skates with you, you can borrow them there.

VR Park

This theme park is fully devoted to virtual reality and is housed inside the Dubai Mall.

It was built on the foundation of the former SEGA Republic, which closed its doors in 2017. It has twenty games that let players engage epic battles, operate race cars, or control warplanes using virtual reality.

Dino Dubai

Say hello to Dubai Dino when you’re in the Dubai Mall!

The genuine fossil of a Diplodocus, a massive, long-necked dinosaur, is known as the Dubai Dino. The fossil is 24 metres long and more than 7 metres high, and it comes from the USA.

In front of Level Shoes on the ground floor, you may observe it.

EKart Zabeel 

It is an indoor go-karting experience where you may manoeuvre a cutting-edge, electric go-kart around a difficult track. It is situated on the second level of the mall. Experienced drivers and novices alike are invited.


The park of every child’s dreams is KidZania!

A scale model of a genuine city complete with buildings, stores, airports, industries, restaurants, and theatres can be found at this amusement park. Its streets are used by cars and pedestrians, and it even has a police station and a courtroom.

From 4 to 14-year-olds can fulfil their childhood ambition of becoming a police officer, lawyer, doctor, fireman, journalist, chef, or pilot! There are many of things that can be done, and they all contribute to KidZania’s smooth operation.

Fantasies in Dubai Mall

Alright, so you’ve left your kids to play at KidZania. Perhaps now is the older kids’ chance to play!

A haunted house located in the centre of the Dubai Mall is home to terrifying animals and malevolent spirits that are eager to kidnap visitors and take them on an experience straight out of a horror movie.

You have fifteen rooms to explore, and the third room alone is enough to make you cry like a kid.

Reel Cinemas

Not only a movie theatre: 26 rooms with the newest technology possible, including MX4D, 270° displays, 3D movies, and the greatest sound. In addition, you may enjoy the “dine-in” experience by ordering hamburgers and french fries and watching a movie.

Dubai Mall

Top Dining Options in the Dubai Mall

Foodies will undoubtedly like the Dubai Mall. With more than 200 locations to dine, get coffee, or enjoy a piece of cake and a cup of tea, it offers a substantial culinary selection.

The greatest restaurants have refined specialties, Instagram-worthy meals, and the best international cuisine, all served on a terrace with a view of the Dubai Fountain. The cost is rather substantial.

Each restaurant offers a nice selection of vegetarian and healthful cuisine, and some even feature kid-friendly menus that are great for large groups of people.

The greatest option for anyone seeking a quick, delicious, and affordable dinner is to dine at one of the many fast-food restaurants located in the Dubai Mall Food Court. The menu offers a wide variety of international cuisines, and the quantities are substantial and reasonably priced.

How to get to Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is situated in a very handy part of the city. Taking the Dubai Metro to the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Metro Station is the most popular way to get there. You may then enter the mall straight from the station by crossing the Metro Link Bridge. Along the route, the temperature-controlled tunnel provides breathtaking vistas of Dubai’s city.

As an alternative, you may go to The Dubai Mall quickly and simply by utilising Uber or Careem, two ride-hailing applications. Additionally, there is plenty of parking available at the mall if you are driving your own rental car. Throughout the day, the mall’s coach buses also stop often at a number of the city’s best hotels.

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