Dubai Desert Safari: Everything You Need To Know(2023)

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Which Desert Safari Tour in Dubai Should I Take?

You should think about the kind of desert activities you want to engage in, the kind of experience you want to have, and the amount of time you have available while planning your Dubai Desert Safari.

The first thing to do is decide when you would want to go on a Dubai Desert Safari:


Adventure sports enthusiasts like the Dubai Desert Safari in the morning, which includes sandboarding, quad biking, and most importantly, dune bashing. Skilled drivers will take you on an emotional journey across the desert dunes.

The evening

The majority of visitors opt to do the Dubai Desert Safari throughout the night. These excursions can include all of the morning’s activities plus the opportunity to take in the stunning desert sunset, ride a camel, and partake in a traditional BBQ (vegetarian friendly too).

All night

It is, without a question, the most romantic and comprehensive experience. If you decide to spend the night in the desert, you can take advantage of all the exciting activities as well as have a memorable dinner in a desert camp under the stars, complete with traditional specialties cooked over a fire (perfect for vegetarians) and spend the night in a traditional tent on a bedouin mattress! Suggested for anyone seeking a calmer and more soothing encounter.

MY OPINION: If you’ve never gone dune bashing, it’s an enjoyable experience. However, I preferred spending the night in the desert or going on a tour in a real 1950s Land Rover to observe the local fauna. However, that is a question of preference!

The sort of experience and service quality determine the pricing. The activities that I highlight here are the most affordable and, in terms of both safety and experience quality, are provided by the top local operators.

The Finest Dubai Desert Safaris in the Morning

Dune bashing enthusiasts are the ones who often choose the morning Dubai Desert Safari.

After a 4×4 pick-up, you will be taken to the Lehbab Desert, which is the largest dunes’ huge region. Once there, your skilled driver will drive the 4×4 on the sand and start an exciting and stunning sequence of evolutions on the dunes. Not for the faint of heart!

The well-known Camel Rock and Fossil Rock of Sharjah, marine fossil rocks that protrude from the sand dunes, are seen here.

In addition, you may go camel riding at the Al Khayma Desert Camp and attempt sandboarding on the dunes.

If you’re a daring, you have to try the Dune Buggy and take advantage of the quad bike (ATV) tour of the Dubai Desert. The finest quad biking in the world, in my view, is known to have occurred in this area.

An aerial view of the Dubai Desert with a Hot Air Balloon Adventure!

A hot air balloon flight in Dubai is an excellent option if you’re looking for an experience that will stay with you forever! At an elevation of more than 4,000 feet, you will be able to take in the stunning aerial view of the Dubai Desert. Small groups of people participate in this amazing trip, which is supervised by knowledgeable pilots and guides that put your safety first.

This experience must be reserved online at least a few days in advance to guarantee availability. Everything will be arranged by Dubai’s specialised operators according to the anticipated number of attendees. They will come to your Dubai hotel at 4:30 AM in the morning and drive you to the departure area. Once the required preparations are made, you will be treated to the breathtaking view of the sun rising over the desert, an event that should only come once in a lifetime.

You land in the desert and are greeted with a delicious and substantial breakfast. You will also get to see rare Arabian Oryx specimens and interact with falconers and camel breeders in addition to witnessing the desert’s fauna!

The Greatest Dubai Desert Safaris at Night

The majority of visitors opt to explore the Dubai Desert during the evening, seizing the opportunity to witness the sun setting over the red dunes.

Early afternoon tours (often departing between 2:00 and 3:30 PM) include comparable activities to those offered in the morning.

  • In addition to this thrilling experience, fans of dune bashing can choose for a 4×4 Dubai Desert Safari, which offers the chance to try sandboarding and ride a camel.
  • If intense feelings are what you’re after, try dune buggying, one of the most enjoyable things to do in Dubai, or take a quad bike (ATV) tour of the desert.
  • If dune bashing isn’t your thing, you may choose a more traditional camel trek, where you’ll have a leisurely ride on a camel and then unwind in a Bedouin-style tent while sipping tea or coffee and enjoying a delicious BBQ.

Evening Dubai Desert Safaris typically include the option to eat outside in the desert. The meal consists of a BBQ including veggies and local meat (sometimes even camel meat), along with soft beverages and fruit from the area.

In the Dubai Desert, enjoy a private astronomical evening safari and dinner under the stars.

With this unique private safari, you can take in the finest of the Dubai Desert in peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of other tourists.

Arriving to the desert in a classic 1950s Land Rover, you will witness the desert come to life at dusk as you can more easily identify wildlife and locate nocturnal creatures with the use of sophisticated night binoculars.

A knowledgeable guide will assist you in using professional telescopes to explore the marvels of the sky, and afterward you can unwind at a lovely camp owned by a local royal family. Here, you may savour a delectable three-course supper and, if you’d like, try smoking the traditional, scented shisha pipe.

A classic Dubai desert safari complete with dinner outside under the stars

With this adventure, you may travel in a real 1950s Land Rover and explore the Dubai Desert in the same manner that the first British explorers did more than 60 years ago.

You will visit the most private locations in the Dubai Desert, away from the main tourist routes, where you may take in the finest scenery and fauna.

The first national park in the United Arab Emirates, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is home to 50 different types of exotic flora, 120 birds, and 43 protected animals and reptiles. Your knowledgeable guide, who specialises in ecotourism and cultural heritage, will drive you around the area.

The safari will transport you to a deserted private retreat owned by a local royal family, where you can unwind and take part in camel rides, henna tattoos, shisha, falconry, and other activities. You can even see the making of bread and pick up some traditional local recipes.

At last, you may have a delectable meal while listening to Bedouin music and singing beneath the stars.

This is the perfect option for eco-aware and ethically conscious travellers: Platinum Heritage Dubai, a local operator that specialises in top-notch safaris with the best guides, best safety, and most importantly, a conscientious attitude towards nature (a donation to local conservation is included in the tour price), organises these experiences.

Dubai Desert Safari

The Greatest Dubai Desert Safaris Overnight

You have to spend a night in a tent on a traditional Bedouin bed, sipping traditional tea by the fire, and taking in the starry sky if you want to fully feel the romance of the Dubai Desert.

You will be driven an hour from Dubai to the Lahbab Desert by your guide, who will fetch you up in a 4×4 Land Cruiser. The Land Cruiser will take you on an exhilarating ride across the sand dunes as it climbs up and down.

You may take a camel ride around the Bedouin-style camp of Al Khayma, where you can also have a traditional coffee with usual sweets and dates. After that, you can unwind by getting a henna tattoo or smoking shisha while watching the sun set over the Dubai Desert.

Enjoy a buffet feast of grilled meat and vegetables in the evening while the belly dancers perform to the beat of the Bedouins. Before you turn in for the night, you may sip a nice traditional tea by the fire and gaze up at the starry sky.

The guides will normally advise you on the exact time to get up the following morning so you don’t miss the sun rising over the dunes. You’ll head back to Dubai after breakfast, prepared for another exciting journey.

What should I pack for the Desert Safari in Dubai?

Whether you want to dress like authentic desert explorers, in traditional Arab attire, or just in a clean, comfy t-shirt, it’s important to follow these dressing and packing suggestions when visiting Dubai Desert Safari (both for your comfort and health):

Put on loose-fitting, comfy clothing. You will primarily be among other visitors here, unlike other areas in the Emirates, therefore even a nice top or t-shirt might work.

Wear a shirt to protect your skin if you have sensitive skin or are fair-skinned, as the desert sun may be quite powerful. Additionally, there are T-shirts and shirts made especially for locations like these that provide superior UV protection and breathability.

For boys, shorts or cotton trousers are a great option, and for girls, there are broad ethnic-style trousers or cotton or linen trousers.

The greatest option to make them more comfortable and prevent them from filling with sand is to wear sandals or something similar. Still, the location you’re going to wear shoes of any kind is appropriate.

It tends to get cooler in the desert at night, so pack a lightweight jacket or cardigan.

Bring only the necessities; a 4×4 has limited room, so avoid bringing large baggage.

Minimise your use of jewellery and makeup since the heat and perspiration of the desert can cause creams and makeup to melt and hurt your skin.

Remember to use sunglasses, a hat, and enough sun protection! The Dubai Desert sun may be really powerful!

Dubai Desert Safari

Tips for Your Desert Safari Experience in Dubai

If you are going to go Dune Bashing, have a light lunch early on. It’s best to avoid overindulging in food or fluids prior to dune bashing because the terrain is rather uneven and can make some individuals queasy. Avoiding crazy parties the night before is preferable. I was with my buddies once, and the previous night we had gone out late and had a lot of alcohol. We got the wonderful notion to go dune bashing the following day. It was, in fact, a really stupid idea. I promise you not to do that!

Avoid carrying too many valuables with you. While some cash may be helpful for purchasing extras or mementos at the camp, keep in mind that the worth of the items offered there is not very good.

Don’t forget to pack your camera. Perhaps it’s all you actually need for your safari across the Dubai Desert! Prepare to shoot some incredible photos!

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