Assam: The Ultimate Travel Guide

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Located in northeastern India, Assam has not yet been visited by many travelers. Get amazed by the hidden beauty of this stunning state and put it on your bucket list. You will be begging for more after seeing this town in the Himalayan foothills.

Assam boasts year-round festive seasons and captivating natural beauty. It’s also obvious that there will be a tonne of activities and attractions in the area. You may explore Assam’s numerous animal sanctuaries, go to well-known temples as a member of a religious group, spend an afternoon rowing boats on the Brahmaputra River, and have fun in the water parks while you’re there. Assam is a place to genuinely have it all.

Assam is the second biggest state in Northeast India, behind Arunachal Pradesh, with an area of 78,440 km2. The geographical feature that most accurately characterizes Assam is its proximity to other countries, particularly Bhutan and Bangladesh. The state is influenced by all of its surrounding states, the nation, and its own demonic charm. Not to be overlooked is the lengthy Brahmaputra, which flows through Assam and is Asia’s mightiest yet most mysterious river.

Traveler’s have been waiting for a trip to Assam if their ideal getaway involves lounging on a river island, indulging in gourmet food, going on a shopping spree, going on an animal safari, and quenching their spiritual thirst by visiting oddball sacred center’s.¬†

Activities to do in Assam

1. Go on an adventure

Assam offers plenty of adventures for those who enjoy them. Whether you want to participate in water or land activities, you will undoubtedly have an exciting time here. You may do mountain climbing at Elephant Rock, trekking in the Cachar and Karbi Hills, river rafting, hang gliding in the Kamakhya Hills, and many other things. Take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to undertake an adventure while you are in Assam.

2. Take a tour of the tea estates

Assamese tea farms are unlike any others. You would never have tasted anything like the most fragrant tea that they provide. Alright, disregard the taste. But even just taking a stroll around one of these tea gardens may be an incredible experience.  Manohari Tea Estate, Nonoi Tea Estate, Almari Tea Estate, and several more are among the best tea plantations.

3. Shopping

Shopping should always be a part of your agenda, no matter where you are travelling. There are several stores in Assam where you can get the greatest mementos. You may purchase anything from silk sarees to paintings to handicrafts at affordable prices here. Paltan Bazaar, Pan Bazaar, and Fancy Bazaar are the top shopping destinations.

4. Observing animals

One region that is well-known for its national parks is Assam. To see the greatest of wildlife, this is the reason that aficionados of wildlife gather here. It is known to be the location of many visited and unvisited locations where uncommon animal species can be seen.

In Assam, you may visit a number of national parks, including Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Barail Wildlife Sanctuary, Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary, Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary, Porbitora Wildlife Sanctuary, and Kaziranga National Park.

5. Participate in festivals 

Bihu festival: It is a harvest celebration. Assam’s most significant event is the Bihu festival. The purpose of the harvest celebration is to honour Brai Shibrai. The people of Assam commemorate this day by cooking feasts and dressing in traditional attire. Make sure to come if you are planning a vacation during April, when this event is celebrated.

Ambubachi Festival: Held in the Kamakhya Devi temple, this is one of the most popular celebrations. The four-day Ambubachi Festival is devoted to the worship of their Goddess Kamakhya. Visitors may experience a variety of Tantric acts at this event.

Majuli Festival: This is one of the most exquisite celebrations, with throngs of people attending. There were a number of artists showing off their skills at this festival. Numerous displays featuring everything from food to handicrafts to antiquities to traditional clothes are planned. Remember to purchase some exquisitely made pottery to bring home!

Top Destinations

1. National Park Kaziranga

If you are interested in wildlife, one of the sites you should not miss is Kaziranga National Park. The world’s biggest population of one-horned rhinos is found here. Swamp deer, elephants, sloth bears, leopards, Bengal foxes, and many more species are among the others that you could see. A site of such magnificence has been included into the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985. Taking a safari to see the park is among the top things to do here. You have to go to Kaziranga National Park if you want to see wildlife in its most natural state.


2. Guwahati

Assam’s main city, Guwahati, is a must-see destination when travelling across the state. containing both India’s first solar-powered railway station and an international airport.  It is home to a plethora of world-class attractions, like as lakes, museums, temples, and national parks. Guwahati should thus be on your itinerary when you plan your vacation to Assam, as a journey to this city cannot be considered complete without it.

3. Island of Majuli

Greetings from Assam’s pollution-free freshwater island! It is home to some breathtaking vistas that are capable of taking your breath away. However, the culture that Majuli Island’s tribe members uphold is the reason why so many people like the island. Participate in a festival as you visit Majuli Island to learn about their culture and share in their celebrations.

4. Dibrugarh

Assam’s spiritual essence is about to arrive. The largest and one of the fastest-growing cities in the state is Dibrugarh. You would be mistaken to believe that this city is not a popular tourist attraction. It’s among the spots where you may unwind in privacy. Among the attractions of Dibrugarh are the Lord Jagannath Temple, the Dibru River, the Jokai Botanical Garden, the Jeypore Rainforest, and the Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary. Aside from all of these locations, going to a tea plantation might be very alluring. It makes sense why this city is known as the “Tea City of India.”

5. Tezpur:

 One of the most beautiful places in Assam, Tezpur is well-known for its tea plantations and paddy plains. In addition to being stunning, it is also the location of other attractions, including Nameri National Park, Agnigarh, Bura-Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary, and Kalia Bhomora Setu Bridge. Remember to explore Tezpur, a city rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, while you are in Assam.


6. National Park of Manas

Manas National Park is the next well-known national park. When visiting Assam, this is one of the most exciting destinations you can go. The fact that UNESCO designated this location as a World Heritage Site speaks enough about how incredible it is. It is home to several endangered species and is thought to have the second-largest tiger population in the nation. Manas National Park is home to a wide variety of different plant and animal species in addition to tigers.

7. Haflong

Haflong is the next location on the list. It is reputed to be Assam’s lone hill station, exquisitely adorned with stunning scenery and lakes. Just because of its natural beauty, it draws a large number of visitors from over the nation. That it is dubbed “Scotland of Assam” makes sense. You can visit the locations that are located outside of Haflong even if there aren’t many sites to explore inside the city.

Ideal Time to Travel to Assam

The ideal months to visit Assam are supposedly October through April. All around the state, the weather will be comfortable during this period, and neither intense rain nor extreme heat will be experienced. 

Assam’s summertime weather may be nice if you don’t mind the sun and a little bit of humidity. You may explore Assam to your heart’s content from April to June without having to worry about the weather interfering with your trip plans.

In the summer, you can do a lot of things in Assam. The Tea Garden in Guwahati is one of the top destinations you should not miss when on a holiday in Assam. This is a breathtaking scene, spanning acres and acres of endless greenery. Places like Guwahati, Jorhat, Tinsukhia, Jatinga, Dibrugarh, Agnigarh Hill, Majuli, and Umananda Temple must also be on your agenda for Assam. 

How to get there

By plane

You may go to the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport in Guwahati. You may take a bus or a cab to get there from the city core, which is 25 km away.

via Rail

If you intend to go by train to Assam, get off at the Guwahati railway station, which has excellent connections to all of India’s main states.



April to June is the summer season in Assam.

The summer is off-season for this tourist attraction, notwithstanding the excellent environment. This is the ideal time to come if you are travelling on a limited budget since you can get some incredibly affordable hotel prices. 

Before you travel, find out the national parks’ opening and closing times. It may be necessary to reserve your position in advance.

 Apply a thick layer of insect-repellent lotion and wear sunscreen.

Monsoon Season in Assam (July to September) 

It is during the monsoon that very few people travel to Assam. If you decide to travel to the country soaked in rain right now, you can get some amazing hotel discounts. 

Be aware that during the monsoon season, all national parks and outdoor activities are closed.

Never leave the house without a jacket and an umbrella. In addition, if you intend to travel in the rain, bring a enough supply of spare parts.

Winter Season in Assam (October to March)

 Assam is stunning in the winter. The state comes alive with its natural splendour and the pleasant weather. 

Be aware that this is Assam’s busiest travel season before you go. To minimise disappointment, get your tickets and make plans for the nature excursions in advance. 

It may get rather chilly at night, so wear thick woollen clothing.

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