Yevade Subramanyam (2015)Movie Review: Delve into the Cinematic Magic

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That was the era of Telugu cinema when commercial entertainers with familiar plot lines like house comedies, boy fighting for a girl etc. dominated the box office. There emerged a beautiful gem that took audiences by surprise. “Yevade Subramanyam,” starring Nani, Vijay Devarakonda, and Malavika Nair, and directed by Nag Ashwin, was a unique and refreshing movie.

Most of the star cast were newcomers but still managed to draw audiences to theatres and achieved average box office success. This film remains a hidden treasure for many, as it was underexplored by the younger generation at the time. Had it been released today, it would have received greater applause and recognition.

Let’s not get into the film’s plot, as most of us are familiar with it. Instead, let’s discuss why it is considered a gem.

A Self-discovery film that breaks new ground in Telugu cinema

 The personalities of Subbu and Rishi in the film are polar opposites. Often, Most of us aspire to lead a carefree life like Rishi, but in reality, we become calculating and mechanical like Subbu. Nandi serves as a catalyst to bring out the Rishi within Subbu. In a way, these three characters represent different characteristics of the same person.

It’s said that your friends reflect your character and Subbu’s reluctance to embrace Rishi isn’t rooted in hatred but rather in Rishi reminding Subbu of what he’s missing in life.

Subbu’s journey to Doodh Kashi wasn’t solely driven by the need for documents but by hidden love and concern for Rishi. This underlying theme is beautifully portrayed throughout the movie.

Subtle transformation:

Subramanyam’s transformation is neither over-dramatic nor forced; it feels authentic and natural. He is clear about his goal but uncertain if it’s truly what he wants. Even though he falls in love with Nandi during the journey, he rejects her proposal because his original goal still dominates his inner self. It’s only when he reunites with Dasarath Ramaiah after returning from Doodh Kashi that he discovers his true desires.

The film is filled with many beautiful moments, such as Subramanyam jumping into the river to recover Rishi’s ashes without hesitation, contrasting with his indifference when his phone falls into the water.

The scenes accompanied by the song “Oh Manishi” capture the essence of life. Additionally, the symbolic image of a butterfly emerging from its pupa guiding the way to Doodh Kashi is a beautiful payoff in the climax.

Beautiful Chemistry of Lead Characters:

 The bond shared by the three lead characters is heartwarming. While Nani was already a proven actor, Vijay Devarakonda and Malavika Nair delivered exceptional performances, with Vijay making a strong impact despite limited screen time. Malavika portrayed Nandi’s character effortlessly, a challenging role for a newcomer.

Outstanding technical assistance:

The film boasts picturesque locations, breathtaking visuals, beautiful music, and meaningful dialogue. Its brilliant and meaningful storyline is perfectly complemented by a consistent positive vibe, making it an engaging watch despite its serious theme. “Yevade Subramanyam” leaves a small smile on your face for most of its duration.

 There are moments in the film when it feels like a reflection of one’s own life, and other times when it inspires action. Whatever emotions it evokes, one thing is certain—it’s a movie that’s hard to forget. If you’re feeling low, watching even half of this film can quickly restore your positive energy.

Another reason for its lesser explored status is its limited availability. It can only be watched on Sunnxt which has a very low subscriber base. If you happened to miss this beautiful gem, I recommend watching it.

 Personally, this film motivated me to explore the world of travel. Travel is not just about moving from one place to another; it’s a journey to find inner peace and regain our energy. This movie introduced me to the joys of trekking, an experience only trekkers truly understand.

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