The Top 5 Maldivian Resorts with Authentic Indian Cuisine

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The availability of vegetarian cuisine, particularly Indian vegetarian food, has always been an issue for many Indians visiting overseas. However, things have changed during the past ten years. Since a sizable portion of the market is made up of Indian tourists, the travel industry has evolved throughout time to meet their wants. Therefore, don’t be cautious about visiting the Maldives if you think it could be difficult to get delicious vegetarian or Indian food there. You’ll be shocked to learn that a large number of Indians work in the Maldivian Resorts, and it’s not unusual to see Indian cooks in control of the kitchens at these establishments.

This collection of Maldivian resorts that serve Indian cuisine and accommodate vegetarian diets will therefore make your trip even more fascinating.

1. Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi:

Maldivian Resorts

Hudhuranfushi, one of the resorts in the Adaaran group, is renowned for its reliable and top-notch service. The resort provides fantastic premium all-inclusive packages that include limitless food and drink, as well as stunning water villas for holidays in the Maldives. The Indian Pavilion, an official in-house Indian restaurant in the Maldives, offers genuine North and South Indian food. The greatest aspect is that the restaurant serves Indian Jain cuisine and is among the top Maldivian Resorts to have Indian food. I really recommend checking out the resort if you’re searching for a fantastic value. 

2. Olhuveli Beach Resort & Spa:

A member of the Sun Siyam group, which is renowned for its exceptional luxury resorts, is Olhuveli Beach Resort & Spa. Olhuveli is a mid-range product that offers the most value for money and is among the top resort deals available. Similar to Hudhuranfushi, this resort provides a variety of lodging options in addition to an all-inclusive food package by default. You may choose between fully furnished two-bedroom monstrosities and beach villas with pools, water villas with jacuzzis, or private pools. Everything you need is available here, and there’s also the fantastic Indian food served at the Four Spices Asian-themed restaurant. This place is quite kid-friendly and offers plenty of things to adore. 

3. Kuramathi Island Resort:

Maldivian Resorts

This is one of the fantastic Maldivian Resorts that serves Indian cuisine and is well renowned for filling up quickly. In addition to offering a large selection of accommodations, it also features Tandoor Mahal, an on-site Indian restaurant that is well-known for its tandoor and, of course, its biryani. The sole drawback of Kuramathi is that reservations may be difficult to come by, and there are just two transfer times each day for pickup and drop-off at the Male airport. This is an excellent resort to consider if you book far in advance and make appropriate arrangements for your transfers.

4. Atmosphere Kanifushi:

The Maldives is home to many resorts in the Atmosphere network, including OBLU Helengeli, OBLU Sangeli, VARU, OZEN, and others. In particular, Kanifushi is a high-end resort that has demonstrated a unique affection for vegetarians worldwide. It is the only establishment in the Maldives to have the Just Veg restaurant, which serves only vegetarian food. Following that, Just Veg was listed as one of the top 10 restaurants in the Maldives. The greatest news is that there is no additional cost associated with using Just Veg; it is included in the normal All-Inclusive plus meal plan. It’s a fantastic resort and offer for people seeking five-star luxury experiences in the Maldives.

5. Paradise Island Resort & Spa:

Maldivian Resorts

For a considerable amount of time, Paradies Island Resort has been a well-known and well-established resort in the Maldives. The reason for its immense popularity among Indians is primarily its excellent service and reasonable prices. This is a popular choice on many lists, and the resort offers excellent vegetarian and Indian dining alternatives. If you give them enough notice, they will also accommodate special requests. Make sure you contact them at least ten days in advance if you would like Jain alternatives at the buffet to ensure that they are available.

These are the top 5 resorts in the Maldives that are well-known for serving vegetarian and Indian cuisine. You are truly losing out if you have been delaying your trip to the Maldives due to food concerns. These days, most resorts are happy to accommodate special dietary needs as long as you let them know well in advance. Therefore, even if the resort you have your eye on may not be on this list. That shouldn’t deter you from asking the property whether they can meet your particular requirements. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that many homes these days are far more compliant, especially in light of the increasing popularity of vegans and vegetarians.

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