The Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

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The island country of Sri Lanka, known as the “First Pearl of the Indian Ocean,” combines culture and environment. Everyone is amazed by Sri Lanka tourism, a country that boasts some of the most breathtaking world heritage sites, breathtaking scenery, historical temples, picturesque beaches, captivating wildlife, colonial architecture, an abundance of spices, regional flavours, and tea gardens.

With so many tourist attractions, Sri Lanka would be the ideal destination for a great vacation with your loved ones, whether they be your family, friends, or significant other.

1. Colombo

Sri Lanka

The capital city of Sri Lanka is Colombo, which is situated on the island’s west coast. This city has a stunning skyline that comes to life at night around the Beira Lake. With a height of around 350 metres, the Lotus tower is the highest structure in South Asia and the one that draws the most number of visitors.

The structure is available to visitors all year round and is illuminated during holiday seasons. It originates from the early ages, when Britain, the Netherlands, and Portugal all conquered Sri Lanka. As a result of these foreign cultures blending in with the locals, Sri Lanka currently has a hybrid culture, which is mostly evident in Colombo’s architecture and cuisine.

This city, which is among the top tourist destinations in Sri Lanka, requires a special one-day bus or taxi excursion.

2. Kandy

Large city Kandy is situated in the country’s centre and was formerly the capital of Sri Lanka. Because of its amazing tourist destination, the “Temple of the Tooth Relic,” which is also a UNESCO world heritage site, it is also known as the “Sacred City of Kandy.”

For those who are drawn to history and architecture as well as those who have a spiritual connection, this attraction—which is distinctive in its own right—is extremely important. As the name implies, the tooth relic of Gautama Buddha is kept at this temple. It has long been thought that the person holding the tooth will become the head of state.

The Esala Perahera festival is the best time to visit this temple. If you love to see beautiful views of mountains and tea gardens, Kandy is one of the greatest spots to explore in Sri Lanka. It’s a location where you may sample Sinhala culture.

3. Nuwara Eliya

It is a hill station in central Sri Lanka, is sometimes referred to as “Little England” due to its chilly environment and historic colonial structures from the British occupation era. Nuwara Eliya boasts an amazing scenery with misty mountains, waterfalls, and tea plantations around the area. Here is where you’ll find Pidurutalagala, the highest peak in Sri Lanka.

If you enjoy the outdoors and tea, this is a lovely picturesque location in Sri Lanka to visit. The most convenient method of travelling to this hill station is by train, which departs from Kandy city and travels straight through Nuwara Eliya, past the tea farms, and beside stunning mountains and waterfalls. 

4. Bentota Beach

The well-known and more relaxing Bentota beach lies 65 km southwest of Colombo. This is the ideal location for you to travel to in Sri Lanka whether you want to relax in the warm weather or partake in some daring water activities like snorkelling. Travellers are drawn to Bentota by its breathtakingly picturesque sunsets.

In addition, you may just take a plunge in the warm water or enjoy a boat trip along the river. October through March are the greatest months to visit the Bentota beach since they are the finest months for water sport activities.

5. Yala National Park

On Sri Lanka’s southeast coast is where you can find Yala National Park. The species that are most frequently seen here include elephants, monkeys, birds, wild cats, and leopards. This park is one of the most popular tourist destinations as it is home to the greatest number of leopards on Earth.

When you travel through the lush, green forest with the sound of birds and waterfalls, you may take guided jeep trips and see some of the most magnificent creatures. Summertime is the ideal time of year to visit. This is one of the greatest locations in Sri Lanka to visit if you love the outdoors and animals.

6. Sigiriya

Sri Lanka

Situated in the island’s centre, close to the village of Dambulla, is a massive rock that attracts travellers due to its unusual architecture. Built many years ago, the Sigiriya rock has been chiselled into the shape of a palace, complete with a lion-shaped entrance in the middle. One of the greatest destinations to visit in Sri Lanka if you like art, architecture, and history is this one.

7. Adams Rock

Sri Lanka

Another stunning site with a cone-shaped summit is the Adams Rock, which is also mainly a pilgrimage path. To witness the dawn, pilgrims ascend the hill in the wee hours of the morning, a journey that should take them around three hours.

At the summit is a footprint that some claim is that of Adams, some say it is the footprint of Lord Shiva, and yet others think it is the footprint of Buddha. The months of December through May are the ideal times to visit this location.

8. Anuradhapura

Sri Lanka

One of Sri Lanka’s historic capitals, Anuradhapura is well-known for the Bodhi Tree. It was under the Bodhi Tree that Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. Thus, for those who are spiritually linked, this is yet another excellent location in Sri Lanka to explore.

This location is captivating because to its ancient ruins and contemporary sculptures. The area around Anuradhapura is home to several religious and historical temples, and it is well-known for the remnants of the Sinhala civilization.

9. Arugam Bay 

Sri Lanka

For beachcombers and surfers visiting Sri Lanka, it is a paradise. It is among the best places for surfers to go. The bay has a calm atmosphere with the ideal combination of greenish-blue seas, sandy beaches, and coconut tree-filled surroundings.

In addition, Arugam Bay has a welcoming local community, lively nightlife, and beachside cafés. Bird viewing is another activity available at Pottuvil Point. Arugam Bay welcomes guests to unwind in its picturesque surroundings and take in the laid-back lifestyle of the shore.

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