The Best Foods For Hair Growth

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The foods with more nutritional value are best for hair growth. 

People always looks to have strong and healthy hair. But to achieve that, it majorly depends on many things like age, health, genetics, diet, medication etc.

As we can’t have control over our age and genetics, what we can control is our diet. Vitamins and minerals from food are very important for hair growth.

So eating a balanced diet is very important to help grow our hair

We have listed a few foods that can support our hair growth.



They are a great source of protein, since our hair follicles are mostly made of protein, it is very important to consume protein daily.

Apart from protein, eggs are a rich source of selenium, zinc, and biotin.  Biotin is helpful in the production of hair protein(keratin).  

Research has shown that consuming biotin can improve hair growth among people with its deficiency.


green leaves with water droplets in the strainer

Spinach is rich in vitamins A, C, iron and folate. 

One cup of spinach provides about ⅓ daily requirement of vitamin A.

 Studies have shown that vitamin A and iron are important in hair growth.  Iron helps in carrying oxygen throughout the body to help in metabolism.

Sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes in a crate
Sweet Potatoes

They are a great source of beta carotene, which our body converts it into vitamin A.

80 grams of sweet potato provides 100% of daily vitamin A needs.

Too much vitamin A can cause hair loss as well, so we need to be careful while having this food.


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Nuts provide a wide variety of B vitamins, fatty acids and zinc. A deficiency in any of these nutrients causes hair loss

About 50 grams of Almonds provide 100% of the daily vitamin E requirement. Apart from hair growth, there are many benefits like lower risk of heart disease and reducing inflammation.



They are a good source of healthy fats.  Avocados are rich in vitamin C, and E.

Vitamin E helps prevent oxidative stress by reducing free radicals and may support hair growth.

One study has shown that regular intake of vitamin E supplements has helped people with hair growth. 

Some other foods are

Fatty fish– Fishes are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, selenium, and vitamin D3 which are linked to promote strong and healthy hair.

Berries–  These are rich in vitamin C, the body uses this vitamin to produce collagen which in turn helps strengthen hair. Vitamin C also helps in absorbing iron from our diet.

Seeds– They are good sources of vitamin E, selenium, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. Hair health is associated with many of these nutrients.

Oysters– These are one of the best sources of zinc. Studies have shown that zinc may reverse the effects of hair loss.

Red meat– Meat is rich in iron and protein which helps in maintaining hair health. 

Even though we need more research to understand how micronutrients and hair loss are connected, it’s a good idea to ensure you regularly eat enough of these mentioned foods.

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