Shimla Hill Station: The Complete Travel Guide For Every Traveler

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The British used to flee to Shimla Hill Station, the colonial summer capital (resort), when the heat of the Indio-Gangetic plains became intolerable. Whether it’s Vice Regal Lodge’s greystone construction or Gaiety Theater’s outstanding neo-gothic architecture, a building’s beauty seems to come to life and not only remain in the eyes of the observer. Buildings like Ellerslie, Christ Church, Gorton Castle, Wood Ville, etc., which combine elements of the Elizabethan style with other architectural styles, are a must-see.

After India gained its independence, this mountainous city became the capital of the state of Himachal Pradesh, drawing fans from both India and outside drawn by the ghosts of that past. But there are other reasons to visit Shimla besides this. Skiers of all stripes are cordially invited to the silky slopes of snow-covered mountain summits.

Yoga practised in the soft rays of the rising sun on camping and trekking trips may also be beneficial. And after visitors discover all they can do to have the greatest possible time in Shimla, this list is bound to grow. Due to its location at a maximum elevation of 2200 metres in the Himalayan foothills, visiting Shimla is an excellent opportunity to see this paradise in the summer, as well as in the winter, when it is even more spectacular.

Shimla, which takes its name from Shyamala Devi, a manifestation of Goddess Kali, is now a thriving metropolis. However, one could sense the presence of nature everywhere they went. Saying the name of this site might encapsulate the grandeur of the hill. It makes sense that the film industry chose this city for filming locations elsewhere.

Shimla tourism offers an all-encompassing experience, with entertainment, culture, and sites like British architecture that hark back to the colonial past strewn across the terrain. Travellers may include a variety of thrilling activities in their Shimla travel packages and itinerary. People prefer to go camping here, which is a highly popular pastime, but only if they have enough vacation time.

Few well-known adventure activity planners plan days filled with pursuits like rappelling, rock climbing, valley crossings, rope walking, forest hikes, etc. Kufri caters to all ski and ice skating desires for individuals who enjoy zooming, zapping, and sliding on snow. Paragliding and handgliding from Bir and Billing mountains in Kangra Valley is another thrilling, heart-pounding experience.

Cycling and mountain bike excursions that follow various routes to or from Shimla test one’s physical stamina and are an excellent way to soak in the beauty of the hills and the peace in the atmosphere. Shimla Reserve Forest Area, Chail Sanctuary, Daranghati Sanctuary, and several other locations that are situated at a considerable distance from the city of Shimla, such as Solan, Sirmour, Kasauli, Naldehra, Narkanda, etc., are among the areas where wildlife enthusiasts may find their interests satisfied. Other enjoyable things to do in this hilly city include golfing and fishing.

Top Shimla Tourist Attractions

Monastery of Dorje Drak

This monastery is just one of the many locations in India where Buddhism has left its imprint. You will leave here with a refreshed soul and a calm mind.

Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex 

The location is a storehouse of priceless history. A visit to the Henry Irwin-designed complex, which houses attractions like the State Museum, which showcases rich arts and crafts in ancient artefacts, sculpture, and paintings, is a must.

Indian Institute of Advanced Studies

This second British colony in Shimla is situated atop Observatory Hill and is well-known for historical occurrences like the Shimla Conference and Shimla Agreement. Except for the gardens and entry hall, the majority of the structure is now off-limits to the public.

Jakoo Temple

An old temple devoted to Lord Hanuman is called the Jakhoo Temple. It is said that Lord Hanuman’s footsteps may be found at this shrine. Situated 2.5 kilometres from the Ridge on the Jakhoo Hill, it provides stunning views of the Shivalik Mountains and the neighbouring town of Sanjauli. It is Shimla’s tallest mountain and home to a plethora of entertaining monkeys that are always ready for some food from tourists.

The Mall Road


One of Shimla’s most well-liked tourist destinations is the Mall Road, which is home to several lodging facilities, dining establishments, pubs, clubs, banks, retail stores, offices, post offices, and tourism offices. While enjoying their preferred coffee, people may stroll leisurely up and down the mall road and take in the picturesque views of the surrounding landscape. Many people congregate at Ridge and Scandal Point on Mall Road for shopping, socialising with friends, and taking in the views of the Himalayan range. At the Scandal point, where a statue of nationalist hero Lala Lajpat Rai has been placed, the Mall road connects to the Ridge.

The Glen

Glen is a u-shaped valley surrounded by a thick deodar and pine forest, close to the Andale and Summer Hill forests. There is a hiking track that leads from this well-known location to Summer Hill and Chora Maidan, allowing visitors to explore Shimla’s thick surroundings while taking in the peace and nature. A little trickle of water flows through the Glen, becoming wider and narrower at different points. Many people come here as a weekend getaway to have picnics in the woods because the stream appears especially lovely when it falls from a height. Glen is easily accessible by automobile, yet because it’s just 4 kilometres from the major mall road, some people would rather stroll here.

Lakkad Market

Known for its woodcraft products, this location is worth visiting to pick up mementos.

The Ridge

The Ridge, a sizable open area in the centre of Mall Road, offers a fantastic view of the mountain ranges enveloped in the splendour of the natural world. It is one of the most well-known sights in Shimla and is a worthwhile trip to view with loved ones. The Ridge provides a broad perspective of Shimla’s snow-capped mountains and links to the Mall road at the Scandal point on the west side.

Seven Hills

Shimla is surrounded by natural beauty, which is enhanced by the British city planners’ astute planning, with a popular tourist destination perched on each hill. The hills with names like Prospect, Summer, Observatory, Invererarm, Bantony, Jakhu, and Elysium are those that have at least one major tourist destination.

Christ Church


One of the oldest churches in North India, Christ Church was constructed in 1857 by the British for the benefit of the region’s sizable Anglican British community. The church is a popular destination in Shimla because of its magnificent exterior and breathtaking setting. The stained glass windows of the cathedral stand for humanity, faith, hope, compassion, fortitude, and patience. It is the most well-known landmark in Shimla and one among the enduring remnants of British administration in India. A visit to the magnificent Neo-Gothic church edifice in Shimla is highly recommended for everyone interested in architecture.

Chadwick falls


Summer Hill in Shimla is only a few kilometres away from the stunning Chadwick Falls. This breathtaking waterfall, which rises to a height of 1586 metres, is surrounded on all sides by high hills of pine and deodar and deep green forests. It is especially breathtaking when it rains. One of the most popular places in Shimla for touring, it seems even more unique and breathtaking when the water rushes through the forest at a rapid pace. When the monsoon ends in September, the fall’s water flow increases, drawing a large number of people to this location. The sight of this flowing waterfall and the tranquil surroundings inspire astonishment at the amazing abundance of nature.

Botanical Gardens and Viceregal Lodge

The majestic edifice was constructed in 1888 to serve as Lord Dufferin, the British Viceroy’s home. It is situated in the Observatory Hills and is encircled by lovely rose and pine trees as well as well-kept lawns and gardens. The Indian Institute of Advanced Study, formerly known as the Viceregal Lodge or “Rashtrapati Niwas,” is where students go to pursue higher education. Grey limestone is used in the building’s English Renaissance architectural style. The views from this location are captivating and indescribable due to their decent elevation.

Details of Hotels in Shimla

Like any other well-known location, Shimla offers a wide range of lodging alternatives for visitors. The only challenge is truly knowing where to go at the appropriate time to find hotels in Shimla that match the budget that visitors have set out. Summer and winter are the hardest seasons to find the best fit, not because of problems with supply but rather because of difficulties in locating the right one.

While visiting this location, you might want to look at the following accommodations: Radisson, Auckland; Fairmount; Clarke’s Hotel; The Oberoi Cecil; Aachaman Regency; Alpine Heritage Residency; Combermere; Aashray; and many more.

The Ideal Time to Go to Shimla

The ideal period may vary depending on the traveler’s preferences, but generally speaking, September through June are seen as the most fruitful months to visit Shimla.

How Can I Get To Shimla?


Regular domestic flights are available from major Indian towns to Shimla’s airport, Jubbarhatti.


Kalka, situated 96 kilometres away, is the closest train station that links Shimla to other nearby states. Then, in as little as six hours, one might travel by train from Kalka to Shimla.


National highways that link Chandigarh and New Delhi entice travellers to start this amazing journey to Shimla more than anything else.

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