Name is Nani – Not a Name it’s a Brand

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Nani is one hero who releases at least one movie every six months. The most important thing is that none of his movies disappoint us in terms of content. There may be a flop film or hit film but it will never be a bad film from nani and it is a fact.

He shows versatility in choosing the scripts. Doing shyam singh roy, ante sundaraniki, dasara and Hi nana in just a span of two years is not a normal thing. Every role is  different from other roles. After doing an out and out rustic role in Dasara he comes with romantic drama in just a span of 8 months with Hi nana is something unexpected.

 He proved physical appearance, body building are not mandatory when you are able to entertain an audience with your acting and good content. If we take the last four names we see only vasu or shyam in shyam singh roy, sundar in ante sundariniki, dharani in dasara and viraj in Hi nana not nani in any single frame.

 Unlike other heroes, he doesn’t have a separate fan base and it is true. Because he and his work is being loved by every other hero fan then why does he need a separate fan base.there are many instances that other heroes disappoint us with their movie even waiting for many years. But nani never lets his audience wait and do movies back to back.

 He never waits for a star director, in fact the directors he introduces will become the most wanted directors at a later point of time. He does the same for the heroine and other technicians also. He has the unique talent of discovering talent from his technicians at the very beginning point of the career. If not nani, no other hero would dare to do a film like Hi nana with such age old story line or act with such perfection.

 If we observe, not only movies but also songs in nani movies are pleasant to hear. Again he worked only two times with star music director Devi sri prasad and one time each with Mani sharma and S S thaman, rest all the music directors are upcoming music directors still his albums are always fresh ( not considering anirudh and santhosh Narayan here. For Anirudh gang leader is  only the second movie in telugu and for Dasara is Santosh narayana’s  first movie).

Most interesting thing is, Nani stood second at the U.S box office by having nine one million dollar movies. He has three one million dollar movies in 2017 and two in the year 2019 and 2023 which no other star has that rare record.No movie from bhale bhale magadivoye has flopped at U.S box office. If we calculate returns in terms of investment the percentage would be higher than any other hero.

 If at least few other heroes choose content and release movies like nani, then it would be a feast for movie lovers. Let’s hope nani will entertain with more unique subjects and release at least three movies a year in future. He is not natural star, he is a natural actor and real star.

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