Hi Nanna: A Feel Good Emotional Drama from Nani

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HI NANA: Movie Review

Cast: Nani, Mrunal Thakur, Priyadarshi, Baby Kiara Khanna, Jayaram, Nasser, Shruti Hassan (Cameo), Angad Bedi and others.

Music: Hesham Abdul Wahab

Cinematography: Sanu Varghese

Producer: Mohan Cherukuri, Dr. Vijender Reddy, Teegala Murthy KS

Writer – Director: Shouryuv

Hi Nanna Review:

Nani is one hero on whom general audience always have decent expectations on his films. Whether the movie is a super hit or flop at the box office, there is always something interesting element lies in all Nani’s films.  After scoring the biggest blockbuster in career in the form of Dasara Nani has teamed up with Mrunal Thakur under the direction of debutant Shouryuv for HI NANNA. The trailer and songs are very impressive and increased the expectations on the movie. Let us check the review whether it has reached all those expectations or not.


Story wise, it has nothing new and has seen it for many times tried by many heroes before. But what makes “Hi Nanna ” different from other films is emotional performances from all the actors, excellent songs, heartwarming background score and heart touching emotional scenes in both halves.

Movie starts off on a slow note and takes time to establish the characters. Director has prepared us slowly for slow paced drama. The narrative takes a turn with the entry of Mrunal Thakur. Love story between Nani and Mrunal is routine, but it was racy and performances of Mrunal and Nani take us into the world of Varsha and Viraj. Music, Costumes, camera every department has made wonders in entire coonoor episode. It takes us to Coonor and makes us feel that we are watching Varsha and Viraj in Live. Best part for the whole movie starts from the hotel episode where Nani interacted with Mrunal Mother which was one of best scenes ever written in Telugu cinema. Emotions are at peak 30 minutes before the interval. Although the first half ends on a predictable note, it gives us a complete satisfactory feel. That is the magic of Hi nana.

After the end of the first half, one will have an idea about how the proceedings will go in the second half. It goes exactly in the same way as we are expecting. But the engaging performances keep the audience invested. The climax portions filled with high emotions takes the whole movie to the next level.

Artist’s Performances:

It is worth appreciating Nani for seeing the magic or potential at script level. As this script is an old one, it has been tried and tested many times in the past. Frankly, this movie is nothing if any of the department or the actors did not give their best. Acting wise, this will stay best in the nani’s filmography. It totally amazes us seeing nani in an uber cool avatar after massy role in Dasara. The way he carries the role of single father is commendable. He made us connect with the character and feel for him throughout the movie. Nani has proved once again that his films were never disappointing.

Baby kiara Khanna is cute and did well. Priyadarshi has got a nice role while rest of the cast like Jayaram, Viraj Aswin, Angad bedi, Nasar suited well for the characters.

It was Mrunal thakur who totally took away all the credits from rest of the cast. Sometimes,she has dominated Nani as well in many scenes. She is beautiful, her styling is perfect, and her expressions are flawless.  She has brought a lot of freshness and depth to her role. No one would have done this role better than her. Her chemistry with Nani is superb and She was perfect.

Technical Department:

All the technical departments had done magic to this cinema. Every music beat, every location, every costume interacts with us and tells us some story. Hesham Abdul Wahab songs are the soul for this movie and picturization of those songs are beautiful. Particularly there is one unconventional background score just five minutes before the interval. It was fabulous. His background score portrayed emotions, love, and sentiment through his music quite well and enhanced the overall quality of the film. He stated in an interview that he has used AI for songs; it looks fresh and enhances the quality of total output.

Camera work by Sanu John Varghese is exceptional. It is a treat to watch particularly the whole Coonor episode. Every location is cool, pleasant, and beautifully captured which suited the tone of the film. Production design is superb, and artwork is extraordinary. It is completely technical department hard work that changed a normal story to a beautiful one.


Director Shouryuv makes an impression with Hi Nanna.  He extracted exceptionally good performances from the actors and best output from all the technical teams. It was very risky for a debutant director to go with a routine storyline that was tried and tested for many times, but he comes out with flying colors with the output. The scenes involving all the lead characters have come out well. He shines particularly at thirty minutes before the interval and thirty minutes before the climax. He made a strong statement with his work that he came here to stay for years to come. Shruti Hasan cameo is totally wasted and songs with Shruthi have come as speed breaker for the flow.


Overall Hi nanna is another feel good breezy entertainer from Nani which is high on emotions. This is rare to see where emotions had totally dominated the predictability nature of the script. ‘Hi Amma’ would have been a fitting title. Finally, it touches your heart and stays with you for some time.

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