Mussoorie Hill Station: The Ultimate Travel Guide

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Anywhere in Mussoorie one might have a sight of the surrounding hills, greenery, and Doon Valley at an elevation of above 6150 feet. The magic that hangs over this hillside location is not limited to the mists that hover over Dun Valley and the pine trees. Little residences tucked away on the hills, as well as the hotels and resorts catering to tourists, begin to come alive as the ‘Baby Sun’ rises.

There are other clues to recognise that you are in Mussoorie Hill Station, such as the winding road that mimics the back of a double-humped camel and the river that cascades with all the grandeur one can imagine.


The Mussoorie trip is similar to golden amber in that it maintains the eternal spirit and mortal body’s spark of renewal. These are not the only characteristics of Mussoorie that make it readily recognisable. Musoorrie, one of Uttarakhand’s tourist treasures, has a certain allure. Everyone who visits this town nestled in the Garhwal Himalayan foothills is drawn in by the allure of this “Queen of Hills”; the closer one goes, the more indulgent he gets.

Despite the urgent need to rein in overtourism and highlight the eco-friendly aspects of the destination, Mussoorie manages to attract a steady stream of visitors from both India and beyond because to its convenient location and enchantingly warm atmosphere.

Top Mussoorie Tourist Attractions

One location where remnants of the British past may still be found on Indian territory is Mussoorie. But this is not the only noteworthy aspect of the location. Experiencing temples with their tales, stories, and religious rites heightens the atmosphere. With all the picnic areas in the middle of nature, that gets much better. After reading the list, you should have some sense of the place’s attractions.

Lake Mist

On holidays in Mussoorie, visitors may experience the beginning of wonderful moments at Lake Mist, about 5 km before arriving at Kempty Falls.

Lake Mussoorie

This lake, which is accessible via Dehradoon Road, is a well-liked location for boating and picnics these days. It’s said that night vistas are especially breathtaking.

Happy Valley

A single location with several allures: the valley offers breathtaking views on its own, and it also leads to Cloud’s End and Hathipaon Park Estate, which have a library, IAS Academy, Tibetan Temple, and Metropolitan Garden.

Shedup Choepelling Temple 

It is a Tibetan temple designed to promote harmonious community interaction.

The Tapovan

Although trekking to Tapovan, the location of Guru Dhronacharya’s penance (a figure from the Epic Mahabharata), is not a common undertaking, adventure seekers and trekkers seize the chance whenever they get it.

Water falls

Many falls, including the well-known Kempty Falls, Jharipari Falls, Bhatta Falls, and Mossy Falls, are credited for highlighting the allure of Mussourie.

Lal Tibba


Once thought to be the highest point in Mussoorie, the location now has a well-known picnic spot with its name at a little lower elevation.

Gun Hill

The hill got its name from the locals’ plan to fire cannon from the top at specific times of the day to correspond with their timepieces. Trekking and rope ways are popular ways to get here.

Tiger View Jungle camp

It’s a fantastic location in Goolar Khalla hamlet for adventure seekers. Exploring nature through camping and jungle safaris is highly recommended.

Jaspal Rana Shooting Range

This location came into being because Olympian Jaspal Rana’s medal spurred young people to want to be even better shooters than him.



Among the pleasant spots where residents and visitors alike congregate are Landour Bazaar, Library Bazaar, and Sisters Bazaar. While Sister Bazaar is more of a residential neighbourhood with homes owned by well-known figures, Landour Bazaar is renowned for the peace that is its hallmark.

Details of Hotels in Mussoorie

If one looks closely, it is easier to identify hotels and resorts in Mussoorie than local residences because the area is so well-liked by those who have been bitten by the fabled “travel-bug.” However, given the volume of tourists Mussoorie receives each year, the scenario could not be helpful during the busiest times of the year. Therefore, it is advised to make reservations as soon as the visitation schedule is finalised.

Numerous lodging options are available for all kinds of visitors and travellers, regardless of their financial situation. Check the following list to know about the accommodations and resorts : Hotel Ashirwad, Hotel Sun N Snow, Hotel KBS Value, The Pearl, Hotel Pavilion, Tullahmore Estate, Hotel Basera, Crystal Palace, Classic Fall Resort, Honeymoon Inn, Hotel Hill Queen, Padmini Niwas, Fort Resort.

The Ideal Time to Go to Mussoorie

Therefore, September through June continues to be the ideal time of year for people of all ages and in groups to visit Mussoorie.

How Can I Get to Mussoorie?


The closest airport to Mussoorie is Jollygrant Airport in Dehradun, which is reachable via taxi.


Through the closest train station, Dehradoon, this highland location is well-connected by rail to all major towns, including Haridwar, Ambala Cant, Muradabad, and Delhi.


Buses are readily available from a number of destinations, including Chandigarh, Haridwar, Delhi, and Dehradoon. If one is well equipped for a road trip, using one’s own car or renting a cab to get to Mussoorie is not a terrible option at all.

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