Khandala Hill Station: The Complete Travel Guide For Every Traveler

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The most beloved hill station in Maharashtra, Khandala radiates love, good times, and unforgettable vacation memories. Travelling to Khandala means spending time in the breathtaking scenery of lakes, waterfalls, and other natural features that transport visitors to another planet and temporarily forget their problems. For people who enjoy the outdoors and wish to spend a tranquil holiday apart from the bustle of a big metropolis, Khandala is a must-visit.

It is 3 km away from Lonavala and 7 km away from Karjat. Located near the terminus of Bhor Ghat, a ghat that connects the Deccan Plateau with the Konkan Plain, sits Khandala. 

The Duke’s Point, which offers a breathtaking view of Bhor Ghat, is one of Khandala’s tourist attractions.

The Karla and Bhaja Caves, Tiger’s Leap, Amrutanjan Point, and Bhushi Lake are a few of Khandala’s tourist attractions.

 For those looking to unwind and spend some time in the splendour of nature, Bhushi Lake is the ideal location.

This city has gained a lot of popularity due to the usage of its name in well-known Bollywood productions. The popularity of this location is demonstrated by the Bollywood song “Aati Kya Khandala” from the movie Ghulam. This location may be visited at any time of year because the weather is generally pleasant there. 

Due to the city’s excellent connections to all modes of transportation, visitors may arrive here without difficulty.

Another attraction in Khandala is the Kune Waterfalls, an ideal location for a picnic where visitors may also enjoy swimming and bathing. 


Among the other locations is the breathtakingly beautiful Rajmachi Fort. Next up is the Lohagad Fort, a well-liked trekking destination.

Travellers frequently visit the historic Shingroba Temple, which is another tourist attraction. Shopping is a requirement during holidays, and Khandala is known for its jams, chikki, and other delectable treats that are a must-buy. 

Thus, if you’re searching for a peaceful getaway from your everyday schedule, Khandala is the perfect vacation spot just waiting for you.

Where in Khandala Can I Stay?

Serving tourists for numerous decades, Khandala claims to be among the top destinations for all types of vacations. Even tourists on a tight budget will not be disappointed by the lodging alternatives here, which are just as excellent as the location. Here, one may discover upscale resorts, moderately priced to inexpensive hotels, guest homes, and B&Bs to ensure that their stay in Khandala is every bit as comfortable as they could hope for.

To mention a few:

Green Gate Resort

Orchard Resort

Hotel Rahi Plaza

Hotel Rajesh

Pratap Heritage

Keys Resort

Hotel Rahi

Mahabaleshwar Palace

Top Khandala Tourist Attractions

Rajmachi Fort

Lohagad Fort

Bedse Caves

Visapur Fort

Duke’s Nose

Tiger’s Leap

Kune Waterfalls

Valvan Dam

Shooting Point

Ways to Get to Khandala

Khandala is a popular tourist destination because of its stunning lakes, verdant valleys, and captivating hills. It’s the ideal spot to unwind away from the bustle and clamour of the city. This hill station is conveniently accessible to guests and has excellent connections to all modes of transportation.


The closest international airport to the hill station is in Mumbai, while the closest domestic airport to Khandala is located in Pune. All of the major cities in India and across the world provide both domestic and international flights to these airports. From this point on, guests can go to Khandala using any local mode of transportation.


The Lonavala Railway Station is the closest train station to Khandala. From Mumbai and Pune, this station is well-served by all local trains. Therefore, it is simple to go to any of the two cities indicated above from any location and then continue on to Lonavala. From here, travellers may simply hire a vehicle or a bus to get to Khandala. Furthermore, Khandala has its own railway station, where the majority of trains from Mumbai arrive and depart.



The hill station is also accessible via well-kept roads. To get here, one may use the Mumbai-Pune Motorway and the NH 4. The Maharashtra State Transport also has frequent buses that go to Khandala. Numerous tour operators provide both luxurious and non-luxurious cabs and buses for transport to this location. A leisurely private vehicle ride to this highland station is another option.

The Ideal Time to Go to Khandala

Popular for its good weather and scenic beauty are Khandala and Lonavala. People come to this hill station to take in the allure of the surroundings and to immerse themselves in the splendour of nature. This highland station is accessible at any time of year due to its practically year-round mild temperature.



In Khandala, the summer months begin in the middle of March and go until the end of May. May is the warmest month in this area, with highs of up to 40 degrees Celsius. However, summers are usually mild and not too bothersome. Because the heat never gets oppressive, visitors may enjoy their time here throughout this season.


June marks the beginning of the monsoon season, which lasts until September. The monsoon season intensifies the hill station’s natural splendour, making them the ideal seasons to visit. The environment gets livelier and more enticing. For couples, now is the perfect time to arrange their honeymoon. However, during this time of year, one should never forget to bring their umbrellas and raincoats.


October marks the beginning of the winter season, which lasts until the middle of March. Visiting this location in these months of the year is pure delight, since the temperature drops to roughly 12 degrees Celsius. Woollens are a requirement for evening wear during this period. It’s the perfect time to relax, go trekking, or even go hiking.

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