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 In movies, it’s not about how many films you acted in. What really counts is how much people like the characters you play. Let’s check about the top performances and highest releases for a heroine in this year.

  1. Shruthi Hasan:

Shruthi hasan has four releases in telugu this year. Waltair veeraih, veera simha reddy, hi nana and salaar. Out of 4 salaar is yet to be released. But her role in the remaining three movies is limited. The role in Veera simha reddy is pathetic, probably that could be the one of the worst ever written roles in her entire career.  In waltair veeraih, the director has tried to involve her role in the story but was half baked. Hi nana role is most disappointing for her fans. When they know about shruti hasan presence in Hi nana her fans were expecting a nice role even if it is for a short time but her presence is hi nanna is very restricted even to call it a guest appearance. Only she knows why she was offered and accepted Hi nana.  Going through released promotional content, no one is expecting a better role in Salaar also. Let’s hope she will get a dignified role in salaar and she will entertain us with performance oriented and meaningful roles in future.

Hi nana
Shruthi Hasan

2. Sreeleela:

When it comes to sreeileela, most of the people talk about how many movies she is currently acting in. But the fact is that 3 movies Skanda, Adikeshava, Extraordinary man out of 4 releases are no way useful to her for a career. they are such a dumb role and she was utilized only for songs. She gave her best in the songs but unfortunately none of her dance numbers have the proper tune to be remembered. She had little scope to perform in Bhagavant kesari, unfortunately it was totally overshadowed by balakrishna. Let’s hope she will get good roles in the coming movies.


3. Samyukta Menon:

She is very lucky to get decent roles in her two films that were released this year. Though her screen time is less in sir but her character is decent. The most important thing is that she has got one of the super hit songs of the year ‘ Mastaru Mastaru‘ that will be remembered for some time.

Her role in virupaksha is a surprising package for everyone. One should be lucky to get such a role in mainstream telugu cinema where you have star actor Sai Dharam tej at the other end. She perfectly utilized the opportunity and performed.

Samyuktha menon

Her third release this year is going to be Devil, going through the trailers it seems like she has got another good role. Coming to characters, performance Samyukta stays ahead of shruti haasan and sreeleela.

4. Vaishnavi chaitanya:

Telugu girl Vaishnavi Chaitanya is a revelation in  romantic drama Baby, and the young actress’s performance speaks volumes about her talent. Her character arc has been designed quite well. Vaishnavi performed pretty well in the emotional scenes too. She only acted in one movie but her character and performance had become a talk of the town. She stunned everyone with her captivating performance.it is not that easy for a newcomer like Vaishnavi to portray that role but she performed exceptionally well.

vaishnavi chaitanya

5. Mrunal Thakur:

Last year she stunned everyone with sitaramam. Most of the people still call her as sita. It is not that easy to get performance oriented roles back to back. Luckily she got that opportunity with Hi nana and she utilized it perfectly. In a few scenes before the interval she even dominated natural performers like nani. She brought a lot of dignity to the role of Yashna in Hi Nana.She looked amazing in the movie and her expressions were a treat to watch. She was the right fit and acting brings a lot of freshness to ‘Hi Nanna. Let’s hope she will get this kind of performance oriented role in future also.

Mrnual Thakur

6. Keerty suresh :

She already proved her acting prowess with Mahanati. All these days she did not get proper opportunities to showcase her acting talent and finally she got such opportunity in the form of vennela in Dasara and she performed exceptionally well. Another movie she acted in is Bhola shankar. Although she had scope to perform but poor script made the entire movie a meme material and her performance went unnoticed. This year is a mixed bag for Keerthy Suresh

keerty suresh

7. Payal Rajput:

Payal Rajput belongs to a rare category  where she has craze among the public but offers are very limited due to the bold characters she acted in the past. Payal left a strong impression as Indu in RX100. She has done many movies after RX100 but she was remembered as Indu only. Again, the RX100 director gave her another bold role in the form of Mangalavaram.  She utilized this opportunity perfectly. She deserves appreciation for her portrayal of a nymphomaniac girl, injecting the right emotions, expressions, and impactful screen presence into her character. Despite her role unfolding towards the end of the first half, she steals the show in the second, elevating the film with her natural and realistic performance.

Payal Rajput

My personal opinion is that, the yashna role played by Mrunal thakur is the best one from the remaining and the vennala from Dasara com. Please comment who is your favorite character

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