Epic Disaster Of The Year: SKANDA

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If there are ten reasons behind this result of SKANDA, then all the ten reasons would be director Boyapati Srinu. No other person must be blamed. He simply took the audience for granted. We saw those over the board action sequences just because of Balakrishna in his previous films. Few action sequences, few unrealistic stories will suit only a few stars, not for everyone. Akhanda became a blockbuster not only due to Boyapati Srinu. Frankly, if there is no Balakrishna and Thaman then it would have been an utter flop.


Senseless Writing:

The plot of Skanda itself is utter nonsense, completely illogical. When a hero can enter CM’s residence with those heavy weapons during interval time then why can’t he do that in the beginning of the movie? What is the point in showing the carnival episode and the heroine song? The entire first half is completely senseless.

That Stanford University scene totally became meme material.  Operating a person without cutting their hair is another epic scene. Those scenes itself shows the poor writing skills of Boyapati Srinu.

Unrealistic Action Sequence without any Emotion:

 When it comes to Boyapati films, people keep their brain off and watch the movie. But for this film it is hard to sit throughout the film and be convinced with the film narration.  If emotions are worked properly people will enjoy any kind of unrealistic action sequence with thinking for any logic. Action Sequences do not have any proper justification. As we know those are unrealistic.

No Scope for heroine:

Heroines in Boyapati movies always had some good roles even though their roles are limited. But in Skanda, sree leela was totally wasted. Her character does not have any kind of arc or any proper direction.

I personally feel like, just because Sreeleela doesn’t have any hero, he introduced another Ram in the end so that both the heroines have a hero.

Skanda is directed with no innovation in storytelling, characterizations, music, or action choreography. The music director’s work is to make sure the background score has high decibels. Action choreographer work is to make sure that there is a heavy bloodshed, cutting body parts in every fight. Editing of the movie is pathetic. Towards the end, when we learn there is going to be part two, it sounds like a threat.

Not a Mass film:

Please Boyapati Srinu, you are not making mass films. You are doing mindless films. Please just watch B.Gopal, V.V.Vinayak films so that you will understand the definition of a mass film. Your reputation was already gone down with Vinaya Vidheya Rama, balayya saved you. But this skanda has done more damage to the reputation of Boyapati than his previous disaster Vinaya Vidheya Ram

There are many flops released in the year 2023 but Skanda is not a flop film it is totally a shit that wasted hero ram’s time and audience time and money. 

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