Biggest Disappointing telugu films of the year 2023

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Flops are very common in any film industry. But some flops really hurt the movie fans and few movies which came with big expectations ended up as greater disappointments at box-office. Here are the few films that released with huge expectations in the year 2023 ended up as huge disappointments. We are not talking about the flop films. We are discussing only films that disappointed us big time.

1.    Agent:

When the project was announced everyone specially Nagarjuna fans got super excited as Akhil was teaming up with Surrender Reddy for the first time. Everyone is in the opinion that this project would be a sure shot blockbuster. But the numerous delays slowly reduced the curiosity in this film.

First look, teaser, trailer not even one song impressed anyone. Still the audience has few expectations on Akhil and Surrender Reddy throng to theaters on the first day. But at the theater, what they had seen did not even reach their one percent. Biggest disappointment is that this movie was replaced within one week in most of the places.


2.   Gandeevadhari Arjuna:

Director Praveen Sattaru had set a benchmark for himself with PSV Garuda Vega which was a huge surprise for everyone at that moment. Even though his last outing with King Nagarjuna was a major disappointment still movie lovers had expectations on this venture. The first look of varun tej and teaser everything raised the curiosity levels. But this film has a very weak and illogical storyline that failed to impress the audience at the box office. This film is the best example for, if the story line is weak and unimpressive nothing can really save the film. As producers had spent lavish budgets, all actors perfectly did justice to their respective roles, technical departments also gave their best. Nothing had saved the film at the end.


3.   Custody:

Even though Director Venkat Prabhu never made any direct film in Telugu before custody but he has separate fan base in Telugu states also through his dubbed films. Fan base has increased further after the release of MAANAADU. Expectations generally huge on his next film after Maanadu. All Nag Chaitanya fans are very sure about this venture.

Storyline is good, the character of the villain is different but works against in this film is poor songs and their placements, unimpressive background score, unnecessary and excessive action sequences in the second half, the whole marriage episode involving vantalakka totally hindered the flow. Best sequences in this film are totally dominated by the worst sequences made this film as huge disappointment at box office.


4.   Extraordinary Man:

Writer- Director Vakkantam Vamsi has an impressive track record. Although his first venture “NAA PERU SURYA NAA ILLU INDIA” was a flop, it is not a bad product. Everyone waited for his comeback and trailer of this film promised a out and out entertainment. But what we get in cinema is cheap spoofs in the name of entertainment, unconvincing characterizations, and bad songs. Nithin tired his best to save this film in first, it worked to some extent. But it would be better the less we talk about this film.


5.   Shaakuntalam:

All the Telugu movie lovers have been waiting for a magic like okkadu from Gunasekhar for the last two decades. All his films released after OKKADAU did not repeat the same magic. Just because he gave a magnificent product like OKKADU way back in 2003, every movie lover had huge respect for him. His previous venture was supposed to be an outright disaster at the box office because of very poor graphics and inferior quality. Still the audience recognized his hard work behind that film making and went to theaters made that film a semi hit by ignoring all the negatives about that film.


When shakuntalam was announced with Samantha, everyone was under impression that he will not repeat the mistakes of his previous film.  Dil Raju later collaborated with him so generally expectations were increased. But at the day of release, it was disappointment for everyone. Graphics, artwork, make up everything are far inferior from Rudramadevi Content and writing of Rudrama devi had saved that film but here everything went for a toss.

I wondered how come a star producer like Dil Raju had invested in this lackluster product. I don’t know why Gunasekhar was so obsessed with Graphics. He is the one who introduced the concept of making a complete film in Big set but  I don’t know why he was not preferring to shot in sets anyone. Films like shakuntalam require very limited locations for those locations also he used CGI. The actual budget was never disclosed but talk is that makers had spent a huge amount of money in this film but no one was sure where all the money actually went.

BHOLA SHAKAR is intentionally not added to the list of disappointments. because majority of audience, even for hard core fans are aware of box office result and not much interested in it. Expectations on this product is almost zero.

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