Best Ideas for an Amazing Family Vacation with Kids

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Traveling with a kid isn’t just a thought and a lovely picture. Now imagine this- A cute smaller version of you, holding your hands, eyes full of joy, squeals of delight each time they encounter something new, and ever smiling with curiosity and excited gestures. I can tell from my experience the meaning of our life comes to light only after a child when they become our top priority.

When you as a parent can go to any extent by providing the proper knowledge, why not explore travel with kids once they grow and understand things around them? With India having many kid-friendly destinations, you are in for a well-spent vacation.

In this blog, let us explore some ideas you can make as part of your next itinerary and expose them to travel. Has it excited much? Keep reading on to know the thoughts we have for you.

1. Museum Tours

The word museum may sound boring for kids, but what if we tell you there are many fun museums in India where you become a kid? Such places exist in towns and cities like the Sea Shell Museum in Mahabalipuram, which has a collection of sea shells from all over the world, and a Dino museum with dinosaurs that look scary and real-like. 

You can visit hill stations like Ooty, where you can visit the Honey and Bee Museum, go around chocolate factories, and take an educational tour to see how chocolates and honey are gathered. Delhi, our capital city, has many kid-friendly museums like Science, Rail, and International Doll Museum. Some examples include the Tea Museum in Munnar, the Nehru Planetarium in Hyderabad and Delhi, and the Puppet Museum in Udaipur.

2. Wildlife Safari

One of the top things to do during holidays is wildlife exploration. Corbett must be your top choice to visit as a family-friendly wildlife choice. You can opt for a safari ride into the wilderness in Uttarakhand. 

Wildlife SOS in Agra can also be a destination worth visiting as it is a retirement home for rescued elephants and sloth bears. Ranthambore, another famous spot for tiger spotting, is a must-visit. Sundarbans, located in the Bay of Bengal, is renowned for its many animals. Some notable national parks in India include Kaziranga in Assam, Gir Forest in Gujarat, Panna in Madhya Pradesh, and Periyar National Park in Thekkady.

3. Culture of India

Teach your kids about different festivals celebrated across various cultures around India. As we all know, India is quite renowned for its varied tribes and cultures; there are instances where you can explore them all. For example, you can take your kids to visit Nagaland’s famous cultural festival, the Hornbill, which displays various customs and tribes across Nagaland. 

You can also visit Gujarat’s famous Rann Utsav, which offers a flavor of Gujarati culture. Navaratri is renowned across every state, like the Dolls display in Tamil Nadu, Garbha nights in Gujarat, Durga Puja in Kolkata, etc. Other festivals you can take your kid to are Onam in Kerala, where they can see the world-famous snake boat race, Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan, International Kite Festival in Gujarat, etc. 

4. Theme Parks

One of the best and most fun are theme parks, which kids can indulge in as it promises the most fun. With theme parks coming up in all major cities and towns, the rides have certain height and age criteria.

Kids can enjoy the many fun rides and games as per their age and spend the entire day playing and not get over it. Adlabs Imagica is one of Maharashtra’s famous theme park destinations; you can also visit Wonderla, which has franchises in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kochi. 

5. Adventure Activities

Kids grow rapidly; the best way to start taking them outdoors is when they reach 3. There are plenty of places to trek in India for kids under 10, suitable from the tea estates of Munnar, Darjeeling, Ooty, and even offbeat places like Northeast and Himachal. Rhododendron Trek in Sikkim and Dzukou Valley in Nagaland are quite popular owing to taking less effort. For more challenging terrains, you can take your kids to the base camp of the Himalayan ranges for high-altitude treks. However, with kids, it is recommended to trek for only about 500 meters a day as there are chances of altitude sickness, especially for kids.

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