5 Powerful Yoga Poses for Enhancing Your Mental Well-being

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Today is World Mental Health Day, October 10; we are here with some Yoga Asanas, which you can add to your daily fitness routine to improve mental health.

We do not consider mental health a parameter when evaluating our physical health. In a rush to get material things, we fail to enjoy the simple things in life and are preoccupied with our busy schedules, unhealthy eating habits, and sleep patterns. One of our most significant losses when we suffer from poor mental health is the inability to appreciate what we have on our hands.

As per most health and fitness experts, Yoga stands undisputed with proven results to improve mental health. Doing specific asanas and poses in the early morning or a few minutes of the day can significantly improve overall mental and physical health.


The mind is where everything begins and ends. Mental health is how we look outside and feel inside despite how well we eat or exercise. Our physical condition reflects how physically strong we are and how it affects things cognitively.

We must understand that maintaining our mental health can lead to fulfilling lives. It all depends on our state of mind and how well we engage with it by including yoga and meditation: spirituality and mindful living. The following are asanas that can improve mental health.

1. Sukhasana

As the name suggests, this pose induces happiness and creates a perfect ambiance for a relaxed mind. You can do this pose by placing your palms on the knees, sitting with your spine straight, folding in the left leg, and tucking it inside the right thigh. You can then fold the right leg to tuck in the left thigh. If you find it difficult to tuck your legs in, you can do it simply by sitting on the floor with crossed legs.


2. Balasana

Also known as the child’s pose, this is one of the most soothing and relaxing poses in yoga to unwind and relax. Doing this pose, especially when you suffer from anxiety and stress, can help you feel better and mentally peaceful. Kneel on the yoga mat, breathe deeply, and raise your arms. Breathe, bend your body forward, and touch the floor with your forehead. The pelvis must rest on the heels. 

3. Adho Mukha Svanasana

Also known as the downward-facing dog pose, this is the most common asanas. It helps to boost blood flow to the brain while stretching the spine. It also helps to strengthen the shoulders, legs, and arms. Doing this pose enables the body to get more energy and clarity of mind as it helps increase blood circulation by aiding us to deal with issues that bring anxiety and stress. 

Start the pose by standing straight. Then, move your hands down to the floor and your body behind to form a V shape, as shown in the figure below. Both your palms and feet must be on the floor. 

4. Paschimottanasana

Also known as the seated forward bend asana, it is excellent for anxiety and depression relief. This looks just like the Balasana but in a slightly variant form. 

You can begin by ensuring your knees are bent, and legs are stretched out. You can then raise your arms while keeping your spine straight. Exhale and bend your arms forward to the hops. Place your upper body to the lower body and grip the toes with your fingers. Try touching your knees with your nose. You can hold this position for up to 30 seconds for maximum effect.

5. Dhanurasana​

This asana, also known as the bow pose, must be done with extreme focus. You can do this pose by lying on your stomach on the floor. Slowly move your hands and legs forward and raise them to a curved position. Hold your toes with your fingers and be in this position for about 20-30 seconds. This asana has several health benefits like enhanced blood circulation, adjusting body posture and hunched back, managing diabetes, etc. 

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