Underrated Telugu Movies of 2023 That Deserve More Appreciation

phalana abbai phalana ammai
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2023 is a mixed bag for Telugu cinema lovers. There are many surprise hits like balagam, virupaksha etc and also more disappointments like aadipurush etc. but there are few good films which are actually good but could not get the attention of the audience at the time of release. Here are the Five most underrated yet remarkable movies of 2023 that were least noticed by the audience.

1.   Chakravyuham – The Trap: 

Chakravyuham is one of the best thrillers released this year. It keeps you guessing throughout the movie. Unfortunately, it did not get the deserved recognition at the time of release. However, it found viewers at the time of its OTT release. Story of the film revolves around the murder of the woman and police officer trying to find the actual truth behind the murder. The only known face in the film is actor Ajay. If you are a fan of suspenseful thrillers, this movie does not disappoint you. Available in Prime Video.

2.   7:11pm:

This low budget sci-fi thriller surprises you with its content for sure. As it was made on a very limited budget, makers have compromised on its quality. Most of the actors are new and their acting is ineffective. But the screenplay wise it amazes you. Had the makers got enough budget and good actors, it would have received much applause and a bigger audience. If you are looking for a different genre movie watch this sci-fi thriller in prime video.

3.   Month of Madhu:

Despite having talented actors like Naveen Chandra, colors swathi, viva harsha and also good content, it is the total fault of makers for not promoting the movie and taking it to the wider section of audience. This feel-good movie has a lot of potential to be liked by audiences who are the fans of serious romantic dramas. Background score of this movie is one of the best works in recent times. Pace of the film is a little slow, but you would not regret watching this. Open climax may not be liked by everyone. Available on Aha tv.

4.   Phalana Abbayi Phalana Ammayi:

This slow-paced drama directed by Avasarala Srinivas was not liked by most of the audience at the time of its release. This film is not for everyone; only those who are interested in watching slow paced romantic dramas can try this. The narration of this movie has few similarities with European literature. Available in Sunxt and Netflix

5.   Ustaad:

Ustaad Starring Sri simha koduri under the direction of debutant Phanideep is all about a youngster who conquers acrophobia to become a pilot. This movie has more flaws than its good moments. But the content of the film is very good. Actors’ performances are decent. If you are in the mood of watching coming of age dramas, then Ustaad is for you. Available in Prime Video

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