Telugu Movies: Excellent First Half & Poor Second Half

Pawan Kalyan
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Second half is Crucial for any film to work at the box office.  Audience must come out with a satisfied feeling from the theaters.  Even if the first half of the film falls short of expectations, A strong second half and Compelling climax have higher chances to change the film’s fate at Box office. But how good the first half is, if the second does not live up to the expectations of the audience, then the film has very few chances to work at box office. Here is the list of Five films that were flopped at box office because of their poor second half and climax.

1.  LIE:

Undoubtedly, Hanu Raghavapudi is one of the master storytellers of our Telugu cinema at present time. But most of the times his films failed at the box office due to its second half. One among such films is lie. LIE has everything, right from good story lines to experienced artists, stylish action blocks and lavish setup. First half of the film is also highly engaging with interesting interval twist reveals. When everyone in the auditorium is expecting an interesting second half, the graph of the film falls drastically due to its complex narrative and blend of various genres. It takes forever to conclude.

Lie Nitin
Megha Akash
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LIE Stands for LOVE, INTELLIGENCE AND ENTIMITY. If the director had not included the love angle then it would have been a sure shot blockbuster. Love story acted as a major deviation and does not sync well with the film narrative.


Just like LIE, this movie also suffers from second half syndrome. After the completion of the first half, when everyone thought it was the clear winner at the box office, everything was totally changed because of its poor second half.  Even today the first half of Padi Padi Leche Manasu is everyone’s favorite.  Entire Second half runs only around one point made it an uninteresting watch. Songs and their picturization deserves a special appreciation.

Padi Padi Leche Manasu
Sai Pallavi
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3.  PANJA:

The first half of Panja is the favorite part of every Pawan Kalyan. The swag, look, and attitude of Pawan kalyan worked really well with fans and audience. Look of Pawan Kalyan was the best look after Khusi. First half is racy with interesting twists and turns. Love story is also beautifully integrated into the main story. Film peaks to the next film during interval Portion. When the whole movie shifts from Kolkata to Palasa, the entire film loses its track. It is a completely different set up and was not liked by anyone. Climax is slightly good, but it did not help the films’ fate at box office.

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Not even the fans of Jr.Ntr at that moment had expected that Jr.Ntr would come up with such a unique subject. The entire Kashmir episode is still a favorite to many. Second half is not the villain for this film, actually the stardom and expectations of fans made this film flop at box office. Most of the second half runs around Tamanna Bhatia. Screen time of Jr.Ntr  was also slightly low and that has not gone well with fans. Had it been released now, it would have been the biggest blockbuster in the career of NTR. still i could say, this was one of the best film in the career of Ntr, Director Surrender Reddy and Also for Tamanna Bhatia

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5.   SPYDER:

The whole setup is good. Even the first half also runs on an interesting note. Then comes the second half with over dramatic and illogical scenes, poor graphics made this film a loser at the box office. Graph in second half gradually decreases, it hits all time low with lady’s serial episode with poor background song. Climax is the big let with very unrealistic and poor graphics. This was completely unexpected taking from master storyteller like Murugadoss.

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