Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati-SIDE B: A Beautiful Love story with pain in its best form

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Cast: Rakshit Shetty, Rukmini Vasanth, Chaithra J Achar, Achyuth Kumar, Pavitra Lokesh, Avinash, Sharath Lohithaswa, Ramesh Indira, Gopal Krishna Deshpande, Ashok Sharma and others.

Music: Charan Raj 

Cinematography: Advaitha Gurumuthry 

Producer: Rakshit Shetty – TG Vishwa Prasad

Writer – Director: Hemanth M Rao

Writer – Director: Hemanth M Rao


SAPTA SAGARADACHE ELLO- SIDE B in kannada Starring Rakshit shetty and Rukmini vasanth takes 10 years leap from its prequel starting it from manu played by Rakhsit shetty releasing from the prison. While side A focuses on the relationship and struggles of Manu and Priya, side B focuses majorly on revenge and redemption intensifying the emotional depth more than its prequel.

Rakshit shetty Rukmini Vasanth


Best thing about this film is that the director Hemanth M Rao has never given any false hope of reunion of the lead pair. He has totally prepared for the climax from the beginning itself. There is only one confrontation scene between Manu and Priya in the entire movie that is very simple and heart touching. 

There are many beautiful scenes in both halves. The scene in which the sun rays enter into priya’s house is beautiful. Memories of priya haunt us along with manu. The screenplay is not fast paced but definitely engaging for its targeted audience.  The movie begins slowly taking the audience from the old world of manu to the new world of manu and his intentions.

Actors’ Performance:

Same like the predecessor, Side B offers you finest performances form the lead characters.  It was not Rukmini Vasanth it is Chaitra J Achar that surprises you with her exceptional portrayal of a beautiful written character.. Her character is one of the major highlights for the film. seat. While all the story revolves around her character, her screen presence and scope for acting is limited. But she is charming and portrayed perfectly what is actually suitable for the role. Ramesh Indira’s performance is good but his character does not fit properly into the film narration. Entire sequences between manu and him look out of place.

Technical Departments:

Charan raj music is another added advantage. His Exceptional Background is very haunting and touching. He keeps us tense on the edge of our seats with his BGM. For some scenes he used silence as the BGM that had a more significant impact than any other sound. Cinematographer Advaitha gurmurthy has captured every frame beautifully. Even the slum looked beautiful. Whole movie looks like visual poetry.


SAPTA SAGARADACHE ELLO- SIDE B is an emotional ride similar to its prequel delving deeper into the experiences of characters.  Story wise nothing new and it could have been a single movie. The directors’ brilliance and actors’ performance made these two films beautiful visual poetry. Climax part looks slightly out of place. This part has solely focused on the feelings of Manu totally ignoring priya’s feelings.

If you are a fan of Part-A then there are high chances of liking this film. You can still enjoy part B, even though you have not seen part A. This Movie might not be everyone’s cup of tea as some may find it boring and depressing. Those who are fans of sad love stories, this will surely touch your hearts for sure. For remaining movie lovers, this one offers you a new cinematic experience.  If you have missed watching it in theaters, watch it on OTT very soon. For a different experience watch both the movies at a stretch.

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