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There was a time where comedy was all about body shaming or beating someone or unnecessary double meaning dialogues. Slowly people lost their interest in those comedies. Web series or short films have totally lost their charm. Things were slightly changing in feature films these days with the advent of new age film makers.  One individual, Prasad Behara has made it his mission to restore the glory of comedy web series, and he has succeeded.

Prasad Behara work has become a household name for Telugu people, with his witty dialogues and one-liners being widely embraced. His web series, such as “Mavidakulu” and its sequel, as well as “Pellivaramandi,” stand out for their natural and clean humor. Hardly we see body shaming jokes, even if  they were present, they are in a very lighter note.

Prasad Behara

While the storylines of these web series may not be very new, it’s the characters that set them apart. Characters like Jaitri, Karthik in Mavidakulu, Toranalu Garu, and Rao Garu in “PelliVaramandi” come across as relatable and funny. Prasad Behara doesn’t rely solely on generating comedy scene, but it is supported by a well-crafted narrative. In “Mavidakulu,” emotional content is given equal importance, and the scenes between Prasad and his wife are a major highlight. Each character undergoes a proper character arc, which is justified by the end of the series. There is a naturalness in the performances that makes it feel like we are watching real people talking in their everyday lives. Prasad has continued this trend with “PelliVaramandi” by taking the comedy quotient to the next level. Episodes like the one featuring an ethnic day is one of the major hilarious block in the series and the final conversation between Prasad and Kanchan stand out as memorable moments. Other hilarious scenes, such as stealing money from Virajitha’s wallet, J.C. asking “Vasakarnam technique” to his employee, and the birthday conversation with Toranalu Garu, added the charm to the series.


Prasad Behara’s main strength lies in his writing, he takes simple social issues that are highly relatable to the present situation and weaves very simple narration around them by creating hilarious characters and memorable catchphrases. Not only the above-mentioned series, there are few other series made by him which are available on youtube.

 Let’s hope that Prasad continues this successful streak in his future web series and films without falling into any pitfalls. For those who have not yet watched these three-web series, I highly recommend checking them out on YouTube. you’ll enjoy them.

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