Discover VIZAG’s Top 5 Affordable Buffet Spots

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A buffet is always a favourite option for foodies. Because they offer a wide variety of dishes to satisfy our diverse tastes all in one place. For a city like Visakhapatnam, we will have very limited options for buffets and also most buffets are expensive. Here I am bringing you the top five buffets for less than one thousand rupees ensuring you can enjoy a variety of foods to satisfy food cravings without overspending.


1.    R & G restaurant – Green Park hotels:

Undoubtedly this is the best buffet place currently in Visakhapatnam. The ambience inside the restaurant gives you a luxurious feel. It does not make you feel uncomfortable even though all the tables are full. It offers nearly 50+ varieties of veg and non-veg dishes which includes BBQ items, starters, main course and desserts. This is the only restaurant that serves unlimited BBQ items after BBQ and Absolute barbecue.

Beverages are not included in the unlimited food menu. You need to pay extra for any beverages. Staff here were gentle and polite at the same time well trained and groomed

Price: Rs. 950 (including all taxes)

2.    Dimple- DASPALLA HOTEL:

This is another place that offers a buffet on a budget. This restaurant’s ambience may not be as luxurious and exotic as the green park but it has its own charm. The menu in this restaurant changes from time to time. So before visiting, try to confirm the menu with the staff.  Few Bengali dishes may not be liked by many. It also offers a wide variety of veg and non-veg dishes just like any other buffet. In addition to that, it offers two types of welcome drinks. Caramel custard is a must-try dish.

They charge extra for beverages.

Price:  Rs.750 (Including all taxes)   

3. Best Western Hotel – Dondaparthi

This place offers only four dishes on an unlimited basis. This is the best place for biryani lovers where you can eat unlimited biryani. The taste of biryani is also very delicious and they maintain proper quality. The staff here is not that well trained but they are polite.  Ambience also gives you a pleasant feel

 Price: Rs. 333 with taxes extra

4. The Vizag Chemistry:

Food lovers have given this place mixed reactions. Most of the time it is crowded. It offers nearly 20+ dishes at a cheaper price but the service time is very high. Ambience is just okay.  The taste of the dishes is just average. This restaurant doesn’t provide any pre-bookings. The staff lacks training. If you have enough patience and time, you can try this. For that pricing, this is definitely the best option for food lovers but don’t expect much quality food and services.

Price: Rs.350

5.    Zodiac- Fortune INN Sri kanya:

One of the best dining experiences in terms of ambience and services. For veg food lovers, it is the perfect choice. Confirm the menu with the manager before visiting during weekdays, as they offer a very limited buffet menu for non-veg lovers. Offers at this restaurant change from time to time. The food, taste and quality are very good. It is not so crowded. You can have a very relaxed buffet here.

Price: Rs 600 (Approx)

Apart from these restaurants, you can also try Barbeque Nation and Absolute Barbeque which are always the best option for buffet

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