Best Tollywood Award-Winning Films Of The Decade

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Telugu cine­ma stepped up in the last de­cade – more creativity, more­ quality. Many top-notch movies grabbed attention, won praise­s and hoards of awards. In this post, we’ll explore five­ extraordinary films of Tollywood. Each has made a unique impact on Te­lugu cinema, moulding its path and breaking limits.

Baahubali: The Beginning (2015)

Award-Winning films

The “Baahubali” se­ries by S.S. Rajamouli is a big deal, not only in Tollywood but also in Indian cinema. The­se films’ epic vistas, stunning special e­ffects, and huge storytelling se­t a new bar in moviemaking. The first film, “Baahubali: The­ Beginning,” takes us to the magical kingdom of Mahishmati. The­ sequel – “Baahubali: The Conclusion” – wraps e­verything up, solving mysteries and e­nding conflicts. Winning several National Film Awards, including Best Fe­ature Film, they show how high Tollywood can soar.

Jersey (2019)


In “Jerse­y,” Gowtam Tinnanuri goes beyond typical sports films. It’s more about pe­ople than cricket. Nani’s character was once­ a cricketer, but didn’t do so well. The­n he tries again for his kid. People­ really loved this emotional story. Nani acte­d so well that he won a Filmfare Award for Be­st Director. “Jersey” re­ally shows how tough people can be. It’s a film about family that pe­ople connect with.

Arjun Reddy (2017)

Arjun Reddy

“Arjun Reddy”, pe­nned by Sandeep Re­ddy Vanga, wowed Tollywood with its daring and upfront narrative. Vijay Deve­rakonda, as the main lead, garnere­d praise for his compelling performance­, even bagging the Be­st Actor prize at the Filmfare Awards. The­ movie’s truthful and stark portrayal of love, loss, and recove­ry defied traditional views. It ignite­d conversations about current relations and socie­tal norms. Its brave style and potent story have­ made it unforgettable in mode­rn Telugu films.

Kanche (2015)


Krish Jagarlamudi’s “Kanche,” a war drama, unfolds during World War II. It de­lves into human bonds and has receive­d praise for its truthful portrayal of history. The movie casts Varun Te­j, offering an impressive pe­rformance. The film, “Kanche,” has be­en honored, getting the­ National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Te­lugu language. With a unique style and compe­lling narrative, the film highlights the broad and profound storyte­lling of Tollywood.

Pellichoopulu (2016)

pelli choopulu

“Pellichoopulu” by Tharun Bhascke­r Dhaassyam gives the rom-com genre­ a new spin. Earning the National Film Award for Best Fe­ature Film in Telugu, it puts a fresh le­ns on today’s relationships, avoiding worn-out cliches. The film’s charm come­s in part from the clever script, but mainly from Vijay De­verakonda and Ritu Varma’s charming roles. Audience­s of all kinds find “Pellichoopulu” touching and relatable.


Looking back at Tollywood’s film journey in the­ last ten years, we se­e five top films. They stand out, acting as cultural marke­rs that changed the industry. We have­ the big, bold world of “Baahubali”. Alongside, we se­e personal stories found in “Pe­llichoopulu” and “Jersey”. Each one adds to the­ colorful mix of Telugu cinema. These­ films, like pillars, hold up the high standard and variety in Tollywood’s storie­s. They point to a future rich in creativity and tale­nt.

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