A Hilarious and heartwarming movie you should watch – Paddington (2014)

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Cast: Ben Whishaw – Voice of Paddington, Hugh Bonneville as Henry Brown, Sally Hawkins as Mary Brown, Nicole Kidman as Millicent, Madeleine Harris as Judy Brown, Samuel Joslin as Jonathan Brown.

Some might argue that animation movies or live-action animation movies are only for Kids but don’t you still love Tom and Jerry? Just like that, many adults also love animated movies because they are made with stories that are almost impossible with human actors. They also bring joy and are great stress-busters in our busy lives. Paddington is one such movie that will make you feel like a kid again by spreading joy and emotion throughout the movie.

The Paddington film was written and directed by Paul King which was released in 2014. David Heyman, the producer of the legendary Harry Potter movie series has produced this movie. In 2015, Paddington won the Best Comedy Film Award at the 20th Empire Awards and also won the Best Feature Film Award at the British Academy Children’s Awards. It was also nominated for the Best British Film category and Best Adapted Screenplay category at the 68th British Academy Film Awards and in the Best Fantasy Film category at the 41st Saturn Awards.

Paddington is a movie about a talking bear trying to find a home in London. The bear comes to London with hope and faith instilled by an Explorer who visited the Darkest Peru which is where the bear is from. When an earthquake hits the forest, the bear loses his uncle Pastuzo and his Aunt Lucy puts the little bear (the main character) on a ship to London. He hides in the ship and gets to London somehow and in search of the Explorer he goes to the Railway station. Mr. and Mrs. Brown get out of a train with their kids (Judy and Jonathan) and walk past the bear. Mrs Brown finds the bear interesting with his innocent look and with the red hat, which was gifted to the bear’s uncle Pastuzo by the Explorer in the past. That’s where the actual story plot starts when Mr. Brown’s family takes the bear to their home for one night only and tries to help him find the explorer the next day, that’s when they name him Paddington.

I won’t go into too many details of the story but you must watch how the innocent and obedient bear tries so hard to fit in with the humans by respecting everyone and helping everyone. I love how the director Paul King made sure that every small scene or character has some significance as everything that happens in the movie is connected to something else later on.

You can watch it with your family as it’s a neat family-friendly movie with no adult content. The comedy in this live-action animation movie comes from the story and not from the characters acting stupid. It’s very mature and heartwarming at times. If you love a feel-good movie, sorry who doesn’t love a feel-good movie? If you have never watched the Paddington movie, it’s worth your time, trust me!

My Favorite things from the film (Spoilers ahead)

  1. When Paddington comes across an escalator for the first time and sees a sign that says “Dogs must be carried” he thinks that one must carry a dog to use the escalator which seems genuinely funny. It’s not just this, the comedy in the entire movie comes from genuine character work and is not added separately.
  2. The way the director gave importance to every role and every little thing that happens in the movie matters.
  3. Paddington’s innocence and he tries to help everyone which makes him the hero of the City and also how the Browns family loves him and treats him like a family member by the end of the film.

There’s a part 2 of the Paddington movie and I will write a separate blog for it because it deserves a separate blog.

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