8 Different ways of adding Titles in Telugu Movies

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There are few people in theaters who come late to avoid few advertisements or for a genuine reason, but they do not know the fun of enjoying the title card, below are few such innovative, funny, creative way of titles for a movie. 

  1. Regular Format: You see these kinds of titles with most of the movies with a plain or colored background and white or yellow (sometimes red) color font, this is called old format titling, nothing special about it but just titles  
  1. Jandhyala way: This kind of titles are very much innovative way of doing it which might have started way before but Jandhyala garu in rendu rellu aaru movie did in a unique way, main lead (rajendra prasad) asks the questions of whose kindgom it is and who are all inside and that’s how the title begins with “evaru inta andamaina cameraman and title comes that’s how unique it was. 
  1. Chantabbai Style: This is again with Jandhyala garu for Chantabbai, ignoring the stills for initial few names, when it comes to technical department names all the names were written on walls, road, vans and Suttivelu tells who that is and reveals that the movie is a detective movie as the names are codes for a message, how brilliantly he has established those characters introduction with a unique way of titles  
  1. EVV ways: And titles were never more innovative than EVV garu’s style few of them are mentioned here  
  • Pilla nachhindi: a voice starts with saying hero chiranjeevi, balakrishna, nagarjuna, venkatesh no anadam tho srikanth ni teesukunnam, sangeetam AR Rehman anukunnam koti adigadu, koti enduku le ani koti ni pettukunnam. That’s how different it is.  
  • Maa aavida meeda ottu mee aavida chala manchidi: Every time you see the names on screen and nobody really knows the faces of technical department, but in this movie EVV garu tried a different way, all the actors and everyone in team beginning from director to office boy, producer to drivers and what not, no better way to thank a person than showing them on screen. 
  • Jambalakidi Pamba: This movie itself is an innovative creation, and titles are no lesser to that, all the shots will be played in reverse while titles and even the hero is labeled as vadhuvu (bride) and female lead labelled as varudu (groom) and the way it goes on is so funny and you do not want to miss that different tiles and that movie too. 
  • Appula Apparao: No actor will get a name instead their pictures are displayed on screen, another way of doing titles and technicians are titled as kotala rayudu (for dialogue writer) (aalapana) for singers (mahakavi kshetrayya) for lyric writers, if you observe all of them are telugu movie titles and are aptly added to their profession. 
  • Aa okkati adakku: who would have ever thought that an editor be titled as kosindi and singers as koosindi. If you want to see more of those technically funny names you must watch this movie at least the title part. 

 These are to mention few of his works, veedevadandi babu has this unique style too, he asks veedevandi babu on a picture and says ee cinema hero andi babu and heroine andi babu…. I think he is the one who made titles look more creative.  

  1. Theme based: It is I would call as Sukumar style, all his titles for a movie are backgrounded with a theme that the movie runs on. Let’s take 1 nenokkadine, the whole movie runs around the theme Goutham trying to find his parents and it is linked to a music bit played on an instrument and all the titles are around the same instrument, in 100% love movie, the story revolves around 2 characters for first rank, so all the titles are themed on a question paper. That is one brilliant way of telling the audience about the theme of the movie. 
  1. Trademark Title: This is not completely for movie, but specific to a person. The director who announced his arrival on world cinema, Mr. S.S. Rajamouli, he has a stamp at the end of the movie saying S.S.Rajamouli film that’s his mark.  
  1. Teja: Director Mr. Teja has a different way for his title, he puts in title at the interval card, that is a different way of saying an interval and announcing his mark, if you missed it, watch his movies and at the interval block it says Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction Teja. Why do you want another title card for interval, instead put the director’s name and it looks unique and stylish too. 
  1. Puri Jagannadh: The art of fast movie making is learnt from this ace director, he finishes his movie quickly and jumps on to another and at the end you will find Thank you for watching (initially it used to be Thank you) and his signature. That is how he says his thank you and announces his name at the end to remember. 

Have you ever noticed how differently, uniquely a title card can be added to a movie, that is making whole movie interesting from the beginning, and no one would dare to miss the titles too for the way they are designed. So at least from now on, be earlier for the movie and do not miss the unique title card. 

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