New Directors’ Sensation in 2023

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This year not many star directors’ movies have been released. Most of the hits are from either New Directors‘ or directors with one or two films experience. Here is the list of  directors who created a sensation with their debut products at the box office.

1. Balagam:

 Direction : Venu Yeladandi 

Undoubtedly, Balagam is one of the best ever made beautiful social dramas in telugu cinema. No one was really aware about its movie release .the start of the movies at ticket windows are very slow. But it took the audience into a whirlwind of emotion who ever watched it one first few days. The positive word of mouth took the movie to the next level. I could say this is the purest form of storytelling. It won’t be an exaggeration if I say there will be no person who hates this movie. It is a very rare phenomenon that people went to theaters even after the OTT release. That is the power of real good content. Made at less than 3 crores ended up collecting nearly more than 25cr at the ticket window. This is the first telugu cinema to win more than 100 plus international awards.  I could say this is the “purest form of storytelling”


2. Dasara

Director : Srikanth odella

 Nani and his collaboration with new directors is an unbreakable condition. It is always surprising to everyone how nani finds the talent in the new directors and scores a super hit for most of the time.

Dasara is the best cinematic experience in 2023. The story of vennela, dharani, suri has touched the hearts of the audience. Songs are the biggest asset. Climax is pure goosebumps stuff. No one would believe this movie was directed by a newcomer like Srikanth odella. It may have few flaws in terms of content but execution wise it is brilliant. 


3. Mad :

Director : Kalyan Shankar

 When the makers of this film compared this movie with jatiratnalu everyone was of the opinion that they were just using jathi ratnalu for the sake of promotions . A few people went on to say it is going to be a cheap copy of jathi ratnalu. But it proved all the audience’s opinions wrong. The sole motive of the director is to entertain his audience with his clean comedy. From the first scene to the last scene he solely concentrated on generating healthy humor in every scene. The characters of Damodar and Ladhu are great fun to watch. Easily we could call this movie “Best entertainer of the year”. The run of this movie is restricted at the box office due to dasara releases otherwise it would have run in theaters for at least 2 more weeks.

mad telugu movie

4. Hi Nana:

 Director : Shouryuv

 Once again Nani has teamed up with newcomer Shouryuv and again he scored a blockbuster at the box office. What kind of spark that Nani had seen during the scripting stage is a question to many. As the script itself is a very old one and has been tried many times. Still Nani kept faith on this guy Shouryuv and made everyone emotional after this movie.

 Collections of the movie on the first day are very low when compared to other nani films. Critics also didn’t give a thumping score. There are no chartbuster songs that have the capability to bring audiences to the theaters. A positive word of talk  made wonders and already collected 50 cr gross at the box office. It melts your heart at least for one scene and the music is very refreshing and pleasant. This could be called the ‘ Best emotional Drama of the Year’




This movie was in the production stage for many months.there were many rumours stating that the movie had been stalled or that there are no takers for the movie. Finally it was released in the theaters and became a clean hit at the box office. This is the second hit for hero Karthikeya after rx100. The last half an hour is the most entertaining part. 

6. Writer padma bhushan:

Director : Shanmukha Prasanth

 One more emotional drama that was released with zero expectations had turned into one of the super hits of the year. People have connected mainly to the core emotion in the movie. Comedy also worked really well. The best part is the climax. this particular climax made people think about mothers, wives at least for a few minutes. Sweetest and emotional ending. It could easily called as “best heart touching climax of 2023”

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