Bedse Caves: Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting

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These Bedse caves are located in Maval Taluka, Maharashtra, in the Pune area. There are two main caves here. The most well-known cave is called the Chaitya, or prayer hall, and it has a sizable stupa inside. The monastery, or vihara, is the other. Though not as well-known as the Bhaja and Kalra caves, a trip to these caves is nonetheless necessary to fully experience the Bedse, Bhaja, and Kalra trifecta.

Bedse caves

These viharas were called “rain caves” because Bhiku, or Buddhist monks, resided there during the rainy season. The pillars and columns supporting the cave entrance are carved with images of horses, bulls, elephants, and gods. 

In addition to the two larger caves, the network of caves had countless smaller caves as well as a cave designed just for meditation. These caves have water tanks underneath them that use spring water to provide a naturally occurring cooling effect. It is said that a variety of visitors set up shop here after finding refuge in these caves.

History of Caves

The Bedse Caves have a long history that began in the first century B.C. The Great Ashoka Emperor was in power when these caves were built. The Bedse caves are significant historically. Ashoka’s life was altered by the battle he fought in Kalinga.

He chose to abstain from violence and never pick up a weapon since he was so distraught and full of regret. The Bedse Caves are one of the many Buddhist monasteries that Ashoka constructed as a means of atonement for this enormous error.

Bedse caves

How to reach

You may travel by car, plane, or rail to get to the Bedse Caves. The Bedse Caves are located 54 kilometres from Pune and can be reached there in 1 hour and 27 minutes by car. The most efficient route to get there by car is to go 7-9 kilometres from Kamshet to Pavananagar, which is where Bedse is located. 

The closest train station to the Bedse Caves is located in Pune, which has excellent connections to Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, and Ahmedabad. Travellers can drive from the station to the caves. The closest airport to the Bedse Caves is located in Pune. It is possible to drive to the Bedse caves from the airport.


It is accessible to tourists daily, with 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. being the ideal time to stop by.

Activities to do in and around

It is advised that visitors visit these Bedse caves early in the morning to witness the fine carvings in the light. These caves house the prayer hall, also known as the chaitya and the viharas. 

Within the caves are five magnificent columns covered with gems. The magnificent forts of Visapur, Lohagad, Tikona, and Tung, which are next to the Pawana Dam, are quite close to the Bedse caves.

Entry Fee

A ticket for entry costs Rs. 5 (per person).

The best time to visit Bedse Caves

The ideal time of year to explore the amazing caves is during the rainy season, when visitors may take in the rich foliage that surrounds them.

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